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We tried to prepare for you a different Rome travel guide. We wrote for you Rome travel tips and information to give you insight on Rome and Italy. On the other hand, we prepared for you specific, mostly unobtainable Rome tourist information. Enjoy!

Rome tourist guide

Arrivederci Roma
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Vatican - St. Peter Trastevere Janiculum Campo de' Fiori Jewish quarter Navona Campo de' Fiori Pantheon Spanish Steps Roman Forum-Coliseum Roman Forum-Coliseum Monti - Coliseum Trevi fountain Monti - Coliseum Borghese Gardens Ancient Appian way

ROME CENTRE AREAS, with countless photos, and guide of apartments for rent.

Click any central area of the map, or the links below, you will be brought to the pages presenting the areas:



Check also our DETAILED ROME MAP, divided into sectors, it allows you to zoom in / out and to single out any street or sight of Rome, and also to locate our apartments for rent.

Rome tourist guide with apartments for rent

Even Rome's priests can't help using the "telefonino"
(cell phone) all the time

Rome's official colours (also of the football team) are red and yellow
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Rome's latest fad: the Cappuccino marocchino, "Moroccan cappuccino", with cocoa, also called "Mokaccino"



  1. Borghese Museum phone reservation
  2. Nero's Domus Aurea phone reservation
  3. Florence (Firenze): Galleria degli Uffizi phone reservation from Rome


  1. ROME CAR SERVICE (Roman Homes customers only)
  3. New: the ROMAN COOK SERVICE at your Roman home & ROMAN COOKING LESSON!
  4. Exchange, bank regulations, paying in Italy
  5. Telephone
  6. Post Office
  7. Public transport, taxi
  8. Internet Points
  9. Car and Scooter rental
  10. Office, secretary, telephone answering service, postal service, fax service, conference room, legal address
  11. Mailboxes, UPS and fast mail, urgent money wiring
  12. Walking tours
  13. Religious services in English
  14. Baby sitter
  15. English language films and theatres
  16. Additional housekeeping
Rome tourist information on apartment rentals

The Eternal City: founded with the contribution of a she-wolf, and currently dominated by stray cats

Recommended sites:

Weather in Rome: current and forecast

Italian Trains Timetable and especially Trenitalia, allowing you to book online.
Ticket costs provided, for reference. : Rome public transport system information. You can enter an address and a destination and the system then provides information, and a map, explaining what bus taking and at which stop getting off. It is very useful, particularly for areas which are not at walking distance.

Read also this article: How to purchase Italian train tickets online

The official tourist website of Rome's Municipality, available also in English, provides a wealth of updated tourist and travel information. In particular you find updated news on the events, a zoomable map of Rome, a map of Rome's subway network, and other useful tips.


  1. Rome vacation rentals pitfalls
  2. How to choose the right location and Rome apartment
  3. What you should avoid in Rome (and in Italy)



Although planning your vacation in Rome will be useful, we advise you to "go with the flow" in Rome, for a number of reasons:

- when you will be on site simple yet ordinary things like a bus or taxi strike, a cranky taxi driver, a sudden museum employees strike, a rainy day (making motor traffic ever crazier), or possibly the beatification of a monk, a political rally, a local or international festival (the Italians are world masters for a number of these things...), or possibly that you are suddently tired or hungry as you go through the hard work of visiting the world-record town about tourist sights will torn apart whatever plan you might have. Remember, no one was able to visit Rome with a perfect plan without having a nervous breakdown!

- there are 1000s upon 1000s sights, so the best thing to do is to visit them without getting too stressed, and ... leaving the rest for the next visit.

- also enjoying leisure is part of a real Roman, and of your Rome visit (restaurants, evening promenades, shopping, meeting street artists, becoming part of sudden or improvised artistic or cultural events etc.). You will not be able to experience them if at the end of the day you will be dead tired after visiting the sights.


Rome tourist guide

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