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In this article you will find high quality Rome panoramic photos. We grouped them in three pages:

- Introduction page (this page).

- Stunning natural vision panoramic views of Rome (see all Rome sights from outstanding perpectives!).

- Natural panoramic photos of Rome sights: Coliseum, Roman Forum, Vatican aerial pano, St. Peter's Basilica, Claudius Aqueduct, Rome seen from the Roman Castles, Rome train station Termini.

- Amalfi Coast panoramic photos: Positano, Capri.

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Of all towns, the Eternal City is also the most scenic. Rome will amaze you with countless piazzas, fountains, masterpieces, elegant palazzi, modern and ancient Roman monuments, more churches than you could possibly imagine. Roaming around, you will find chic streets and tiny yet picturesque alleys, as well as character and art everywhere. Also from any dome, or from any of its hills, the majestic beauty of Rome appears.

Rome's centre seen from the Janiculum

The view from the Janiculum hill is the most impressive. According to De Brosses, an 18th century French diarist, it was worth alone the journey to Italy. The most striking feature is the forest of domes and monuments filling the skyline, silhouetted against the Alban Hills (Castelli Romani).

From right to left you can see: the belfry of Rome Municipality, situated on top of Capitol Hill. To its left, the belfry, the larger dome and the minor domes of the Church St. Mary Major, and beneath it the quadrangular dome of the Synagogue; just after it to the left you can see the facade of the church Santa Maria AraCoeli, then after it the ramparts, the columns and the winged chariots of the Victor Emmanuel II monument ("Vittoriale). Continuing to the left you see the medieval Torre della Milizie, also known as "Broken Tower" (Torre spaccata), the dome of the church Santa Maria di Loreto, the dome of the Chuch of Jesus (Chiesa del Gesu') of the Jesuite order, the Quirinale Palace, the dome of the church San Carlo ai Catinari, the dome of the Church Holy Trinity of the Pilgrims, the huge dome of San Andrea della Valle (the 2nd highest in Rome after the St. Peter's, the green Borghese Gardens with the Villa Medici, finally the round dome of the Church of San Carlo al Corso in the distance, the high tapered dome of St. Agnes by F. Borromini in Piazza Navona, and the imposing Palazzo Farnese.

The following panoramic view is taken from a roof garden still in the middle of Rome's centre, near the Pantheon. It shows the dome of the Pantheon not visible in the previous view.

Opposite view, from the roof garden of one of our properties ("Rome Views", near the Pantheon).

From right to left you can see: the majestic dome of the Pantheon, Rome's largest (43.3 Mts. diameter, larger than St. Peter), the shell-like dome of St. Ivo alla Sapienza of F. Borromini, the dome of St. Agnes in Piazza Navona, the dome of St. Peter's, the dome of San Andrea della Valle, the belfry of the Church St. Mary over Minerva (Santa Maria sopra Minerva) and finally the dome of the Church San Carlo ai Catinari.

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The Roman Forum seen from Campidoglio (Capitol Hill)

The view of the Roman Forum is also fascinating. This panoramic photo was taken from Capitol Hill. The palace immediately to the left is Rome's Municipality since ancient times. Today it hosts the Municipality and the Mayor's office. From left to right you can see the Torre Spaccata (the broken tower), the church built on top of St. Peter's jail (Mamertino), the arch of Septimius Severus, the Curia or Roman Senate (behind it), the Sacred Way (where you can see tourists walking), the Temple of Saturn (with its high columns, it was the seat of the Roman State Treasury). To its right you can see the remains of the Basilica Julia. The hill to the right is the Palatine, and in the background you can see the profile of the Coliseum.


St. Peter's, Bernini's colonnade, and the Vatican during a summer Papal audience.

The realm of geometry, harmony, elegance, and space, St. Peter's reminds visitors the great mission it symbolizes with its clear shapes and awesome dimension.

Aqueduct Claudius (37-58 AD) arriving in Rome.

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