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The Borghese villa and its small palace were constructed at the beginning of the seventeenth century outside the Aurelian walls between the Porta Pinciana and the no longer existing Porta Salaria in an area then occupied by orchards and vineyards, yet previously belonging to the ancient Roman poet Lucullus. Scipio Borghese first engaged Flaminio Ponzio and then Vasanzio to build it: it was constructed between 1613 and 1615. It exemplifies the villa belonging to a great Roman family at the beginning of the seveteenth century.
The Museum in the Villa Borghese, includes masterpieces (sculptures and paintings) of the Bernini father and son, Raphael, Ghirlandaio, Rubens, antonio Canova, Giulio Romano, Pinturicchio etc. etc., Phone reservation (or at the office box) is compulsory! By phone, please call the reservation office at: 06 328101 (dial 01139 before from the USA or +39 from the other countries). A multilingual staff will process your reservation, and you will be able to choose the language. You will be enabled to choose the day and the time you want to visit. You will be assigned a code, and with that you must present yourself one hour before the scheduled time to purchase the tickets, or you will lose your reservation rights.

Open between 9 am and 7 pm. Closed Monday. Admission 8.50 Euro. Buses: 910, 52, 53, also Subway line A and to the stop Spagna, then take the underpass with moving walkaways, until you get into the heart of teh park, you will find yourselves in front of a long street in the park bringing you to the villa.

You can also book with the same phone number the Galleria Doria-Pamphili, the Galleria Corsini, the Palazzo Spada and the Palazzo Barberini, the National Etruscan Museum of Valle Julia near the Borghese Garden, and the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia (near Capitol Hill).

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