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It is the most important and large train station in Rome, and also the centre of Rome's transport system. It is a rather efficient place although it is a little crowded, like all train stations. It is the largest European train station, it was renovated in the past couple of years, and presently it is perhaps the nicest and most complete European station. On the other hand, watch out as Rome's pickpockets and petty thieves have their base here because needless to say this is where their "customers" (i.e. the travellers to be robbed) can be found. So be alert all the time..
Most inter-city trains and all the very fast Eurostars trains (also called "Pendolino" or ETR) arrive here, while fewer trains, particularly the night time ones, arrive and leave from the TIBURTINA and OSTIENSE stations (please read below).


Termini train station outside view by night

Termini train station, outside view by night

Termini train station inside

Termini train station, inside view

In the Termini station you find many facilities:

Left luggage (near platform 22, it is open from 5 AM to midnight, the fare is 3 Euro per item every 12 hours. You pay at the cashier when you leave the luggage and you will be given a receipt ("scontrino"). Do not lose it or you will not be able to retrieve your luggage.
- Tourist information service, near platform 3.
- Train to the airport, near platform 22, leaving every 30 min. appr. You can buy tickets in the office nearby.
- Train information service (in the main hall, at the left if you come from the train tracks, presently the structure is renovated so check well).
- WASTEELS AGENCY, in front of platform n. 1, where you can buy cheap train and airplane fares to other European destinations. The three persons working in this little office are Carmine, Adriano and Mr. Enrico Paparelli (manager). They are kind and professional people who will do anything they can to help you. We consider Mr. Paparelli the best agent working in the station, and we turn to him when we have a travel problem which seemingly cannot be solved. We highly recommended him.
Their phone number is 064825537, fax. 4828268. The internet site of the company is
- Office for car rental (or ride to the airport if you want to go there by car and not by train) just next to it.
- Exchange Office, in the middle of the same corridor.
- Police Office, just next to it ("Carabinieri")
- the "Drugstore", a 24 hours non stop shopping centre including a supermarket, in the underground hall on the way to the subway stations.
- the shopping centre in the underground hall includes 200 shops of all sorts. The area is very clean, the shops are very well stocked. They are also open from early in the morning until 10 PM. This shopping centre is the largest and best you can find in a European train station presently.
- the 2 subway lines of Rome ("A"-red and "B" blu). To get there, look for the flights of stairs going down with a big "M" sign. Take the blu line (with direction Rebibbia if you have to go to Tiburtina station or EUR for the Colosseum), and the red one with direction "Ottaviano" if you have to the Vatican (last stop), or to the Spanish Steps ("Spagna" stop).
- in front of the station there is a very large square (Piazza Dei Cinquecento), with the taxi station and many bus lines originating or stopping here (64 to Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona and the Vatican, 170 to Largo Argentina and Trastevere, 492 to Via Veneto, the Vatican on one side and the Tiburtina station on the othere side, etc.).

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