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Rome emperor Nero's Domus Aurea

After 1,950 years the most fabulous residence of Emperor Nero opened again. It was built after the fire of Rome, and it is probably the largest and richest residence of all times. We know much about it from the description of the writers of those days. Despite Nero fell in disgrace and Trajan built his residence on top, the residence is still a wonder to visit. To avoid surprises, it is better to reserve. Tel. 199199100 for reservations (dial 01139 before from the USA). Choose the day and time you want to visit depending on the availability. You will be assigned a code (the first three letters are the first of your name), and you must present yourself 30 minutes before the scheduled time to purchase the tickets, or you will lose your rights. The operator will ask you to choose between guided tours (10 Euros - app. 10 US$, also in English), or without a guide (6 Euros, app. 6.3 US$). In the latter case there are audiovisuals that you can rent (1.5 Euro, app. 1.5 US$). The Domus is open from 9 AM until 8 PM in Summer. For information, dial 064815576, the automated Italian voice will prompt you to dial different numbers for the relevant services. Dial n. 1, and wait for the operator to show up. They speak a simple English.

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Rome Nero Domus Aurea

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