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The large majority of airline offices are located between Piazza Barberini and Via Vittorio Veneto (metro A: stop Barberini), or bus 492 from Termini and the Vatican. Precisely, most aerlines offices are in Via Barberini or in Via Bissolati, and also in the surrounding streets. Some companies have their bureaus directly at the Fiumicino Airport.

Aer Lingus Via Barberini 3 06 - 4818518
Aerlineas Argentinas Via Sicilia 43 06 - 482961
Air France Via Sardegna 40 06 - 47181
  Via Veneto 89 06 - 483803
  Via Veneto 93 06 - 4885563
Air Malta Via Barberini 29 06 - 4884685 / 06-4883106
  Fiumicino airport 06-65010401
Air New Zealand Via Bissolati 54 06-4880761
Alitalia Via Bissolati 13  
  Reservation: National flights 06-65641 (24 hrs)
  International flights 06-65642 (24 hrs)
  Information 06-65643 (24 hrs)
  Central operator at Fiumicino airport 06-65631


Lost luggage with Alitalia

If you are travelling with Alitalia, make sure to have this information handy.

Customers luggage support at Fiumicino airport: tel. 06-65634956 (24 hrs)

Make sure that they give you the file number of your case ("Numero di pratica" in Italian). Alitalia will deliver for free downtown at your domicile the lost luggage. However to do this they use ane external company external company offring a bad service (they say they are going to change it). This company does not allow you to set time ranges for the delivery, with the result that you might find yourselves confined at your home or hotel waiting for the luggage, and it could take days (!).

The good thing is that Alitalia reimburses 100% of all pharmaceutical products purchased in a regular chemist shop, and 50% of all clothing and shoes purchased in regular shops until the day of the delivery.
In order to have the reimbursement you should keep the receipts of purchased products ("scontrino" or "ricevuta" in Italian) and contact the Alitalia Customer Service in your country. In the USA, the service is located in Los Angeles, their phone is: 310 338 055, their fax is: 310 338 0438.

Austrian Airlines Via Po 10 06-85354610
  Via Mussi 5 06-8125766 / 06-8125796
British Airways via Bissolati, 54 06-485480
Canadian Via C. Veneziani 58 (building C) 06-6591300 / 06-6557117
Fiumicino airport   06-65011462
Cathay Pacific Airways Via Barberini 3 06-4820888
Delta Airlines Via Po n. 10 - Toll free number 167-864114
  fax 06 85354925
  Fiumicino airport (open 8-12 AM) 06-65954104
EL AL Via Bissolati, 76 06-4742301
  fax 06-4872205
  Fiumicino airport 06 65954123
Iberia via Bertoloni, 3D (Piazza Pitagora) bus 910 from Stazione Termini 1478 31055
Japan Airlines (JAL) the bureaus are at Fiumicino Airport 06-65953840 / 06-65953841
KLM Booking Fiumicino airport 06-6529286
Kuwait airlines Fiumicino airport 06-659544844 / 0665954569
Lufthansa Via S. Basilio 41 06-65684004
  Fiumicino airport 06-65954156
Luxair For flights to Luxembourg. This is the only presence they have. 06-65010901
Olympic Airways via Bissolati, 76 06-48903089 / 06-4747711,
Qantas via Bissolati, 35 06-486561
  Fiumicino airport 06-65010200
Sabena Via Bissolati 54 reservation 06-421231
  fax 06-85856007
  Fiumicino airport 06-65954154
SAS Booking (Fiumicino Airport) 06-65010771
Swissair Via Po 10 06-8470518
  fax 06-4873377
TAP - Air Portugal Via Veneto 84 (1st floor) 06-48998200
  fax 06-4820718
  Fiumicino airport 06-65010537
Turkish Airlines Piazza Repubblica 55 06-4828349 / 06-4819535
  box office 06-4873368 / 06-48903857
  Fiumicino airport 06-6529167 / 06-65010043
TWA Via Barberini, 67 06-47211
  Fiumicino airport 06-65954921
VARIG Via Sardegna 38F 06-4677210
  Fiumicino airport 06-65011573 / 06-65011574
Virgin (former EBA-EuroBelgian Airlines) toll free number from Italy(Italian operator, ask for the English operator) - their premises are in Bruxelles not in Rome, but you can call them for free and book (from Rome). You will find there convenient fares and you can also book online

Airlines in Fiumicino Airport

Some airline companies handle most if not all of their work directly in the airport. The central operator of the airport is 06-65953640, 06-65954455.

We have already indicated which companies operate in the airport. If you want to know how to get to the airport. please read this other page of the guide (click): Arrival and departure - airports

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