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(in business hours of Italy time zone please):

Italy area code (+39) followed by 3332420210.

From the USA: please dial 01139-3332420210, and we will call you back immediately, to make you save the call cost.

Or call us via Skype at this name: romanhomes


To enquire by e-mail, please choose one of the following methods:

(A) YOU CAN WRITE AN E-MAIL to this address:

Important: PLEASE WRITE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION - an expert, a person and not a machine, will reply to you, and he needs to know well the following information to process your inquiry:

- Your full name and country
- Arrival / departure DATES
- Number of adults - number of children under 13 years of age
- Number of double and single bedrooms required - number of bathrooms required
- Favorite Rome central area, if any
- Quality of property required (economy, standard, elegant, luxury)
- If a terrace is required
- If stairs are a problem / elevator is needed (how many floors can you climb?).
- Your phone number (and hours to call), if you want us to call you over the phone, in your country.

Please remember that we rent min. 5 nights. However if you plan renting in the next couple of months, we have plenty of options also for shorter stays.

(B) Best suited for detailed feedback / analysis: please fill out the questionnaire below.

It takes a little more timethan a simple e-mail inquiry, yet it enables us to have more information on your requirements, for which we will reply extensively about all possible properties / variables, and on your questions.

Notice: The Italian bed measures are:
Single bed: width 80 cm x length 190 cm = 31.5 x 75 inches
Regular double bed: width 160 x length 190 cm = 63 x 75 inches (5 inches smaller on each side of US king size beds)
Smaller double bed (also called in Italy "Una piazza e mezzo"): width 120 (sometimes 140) cm length 190 cm = 47 (sometimes 55) inches x 75 inches.

We reply normally within 1-9 hours, informing you about property availability and prices.

Please check also your "spam folder" to find our reply, as many regular e-mails are trapped as "spam" by the filters of internet service providers!

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