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They charge around L.2.5 Euro appr. 3.00 US$ for 30 minutes. They are mushrooming all over Rome:

Trastevere area:

Via dei Fienaroli 27/8 (tel.065884097 / 065814534). Bus to Piazza Sonnino (for ex. tram 8 from Largo Argentina). Open 11am-midnight Tue-Sun; 5pm-midnight Mon. Credit cards accepted.

Via Nazionale-Termini area:

(A) "Centro Turistico Studentesco (CTS)". Via Genova, 16 (tel. 064679271). Buses to Via Nazionale (for ex. 64). Open 9am-1pm, 3-7 pm, Mon-Fri; 9am-1pm Sat. No credit cards.

(B) "Internet point". Via Gaeta, 25 Tel. 06478238662. Buses to Termini (it is near to the Northern part of Piazza dei Cinquecento). E-mail service, room with satellite aerial TV. English speaking staff. No credit cards.

San Lorenzo area:
"Internet Cafe". Via dei Marrucini (a very short street, you will find it on the left downhill). Bus to San Lorenzo (492 stops right in front, also 71). Same fares, no credit cards.

Coliseum-Monti area:

(A) "Internet Cafe"
. Via Cavour, 213 (tel. 0647823051). Metro line B, Cavour stop, also buses 27 and 117. E-mail, AOL Netmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail. As low as 1.5 Euro (app. 1.6 US$) for 15 minutes. Also scanner/printer, fax, international phone services. A ten hour card will cost you 32 Euros (app. 33 US$).

This shop offers a 10% discount to Roman Homes customers: you must show either a rental contract or our business card to benefit from it.

(B) "Internet Center ESA.NET- ESAGRAFICA". Via della Polveriera, 12 (tel. 0647823609 - fax 064885197). Use of PC: 5.2 Euros (app. 5.6 US$) per hour, 3.1 Euro Lire (3.3 US$) for 30 minutes. Ten-hour PC card costs 45 Euro (app. 49 US$). E-mail: 1 Euro Ital. Lira to send or receive + hourly rate for use of PC. Card: 8 Euro Ital. Lira monthly + hourly rate for use of PC. Printing service.

(C) "Internet Point". Via del Boschetto, 127 (tel. 0647824741, fax. 0647880210). The fare is 4 Euro (app. 4 US$) for 1/2 hour, and 5.2 Euro for one hour (app. 5.5 US$). The point has fast ISDN access. Also international calls worldwide.

Pantheon - Piazza Navona area: "The Net Gate", Piazza Firenze 25. Tel. 066893445. One hour will cost you 5.2 Euros (app. 5.3 US$). You will be given a "time card", so you will pay only the time you really use.

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