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Every large hospital in Italy has a 24-hour first-aid service. If you can go on your own, go to the first aid station, Pronto Soccorso in Italian. If you need an ambulance, call 118 (health emergency) and try to speak with simple Italian or very slowly in English to the operator, especially they need to know your address (!). Alternatively, call 113 (general emergency, security emergency).

The service (ambulance, emergency room, medication given locally) are all FREE if you are a EU citizen. In Europe, every citizen has the right to benefit from every effort made by the society to guarantee his/her health, and for free. If you are not a EU citizen, theoretically you should pay, yet the Italians are generous and hospitable, especially for such matters as health, and in general they will not make you pay.


Considering the language difficulty, and that in the large majority of cases you will not need a first aid station, we recommend the following medical services, all with English speaking personnel and medical doctors. They are private services, so expect to pay in this case.

(1) International Medical Center, via Giovanni Amendola 7. Tel. (+39) 064882371. During night or weekends: 064884051. They have a 24-hour duty (English spoken). They can send a qualified and dedicated GP to visit you in your apartment or hotel anywhere in Rome. They charge a fee (for a GP 140 Euros, with 50 Euros night and holiday supplement, specialist 160 Euros, same night and holiday supplement). They can possibly contact other specialists, and make them visit you at your apartment or hotel.

(2) Doctors in Italy, via Frattina, 48. Tel. (+39) 066790695 Private out-patient clinic based in Rome's historic centre (the Spanish Steps) , offering same-day and weekend appointments for medical services, ultrasound imaging, blood tests and consultations with a wide range of English-speaking specialists. Fees are affordable and start from 50 Euro. 

(2) MEDI-CALL, Studio Medico, Via Salaria 300, Palazzina C, interno 5. Tel. 068840113. It too can arrange for qualified doctors to make a call to your actual place of residence. The GP will possibly refer you to a specialist if needed. Fees begin from 100 Euro per visit, and increase if a specialist or specialized treatment is required.

(3) Rome American Hospital, Via Emilio Longoni 69. Tel. (+39) 0622551, with MD on duty 24/7.

(4) Salvator Mundi International Hospital
, Viale delle Mura Gianicolense 67. Tel. (+39) 06588961. It is a privately-run clinic, with English-speaking doctors. It is good if you live in the Janiculum, in Trastevere or in Campo de' Fiori / Navona.

You can also call the U.S. Embassy, tel. (+39) 0646741, or your embassy if you are not American. They will provide a list of doctors who can speak English (or your language).

There is an Italian 24-hour G. Eastman Dental Hospital, in Viale Regina 287, tel. (+39) 06844831. It is usually crowded, so if you can, call your Embassy (number above), and they will give you a list of Enligh-speaking dentists. You may have to call in order to get an appointment.

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