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Car tour with expert of: Tivoli Villa d'Este Gardens, Roman aqueducts, Roman Castles, Pope Summer residence of Castelgandolfo, Lake of Albano, Ancient Appian Way


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This tour is prepared for our Roman Homes clients, however to enable you to visit Rome's wonders we can extend it also to other customers. It is very appreciated and it comes at low cost (despite it includes the transport with private car and it is performed by a dedicated Rome expert!). It is prepared generally only on Tuesdays and Fridays, so we recommend that you book ahead or ASAP.
No guide or limo service or tourist agency can offer you this quality, complete service at such unbeatable price: 250 Euro for 3-4 persons (to visit so many sights, with a 90 Km tour)!

To enquire and to order, please write to

The tour includes the visit to:

1. TIVOLI GARDENS: visit to the magnificent Villa d'Este gardens, the model of all European gardens, a world wonder and pinnacle of mannerist gardens, with its 500 fountains. It is one of Rome's most beautiful sights, it should not be missed!

Please visit the page with photos presenting this world wonder in our website

2. Appia Antica (Ancient Appian Way). Called by Romans the "Regina Viarum" (Queen of Roads) and "Via Sacra" (Sacred Road) led all the way from the Roman Forum to Brindisi. It was the first road to be paved in human history (312 BC) by consul Appio Claudius (thus its name). Because it was forbidden to bury within the town walls, the road was flanked by outstanding tombs and funerary monuments, but also by magnificent estates, villas and imposing aqueducts.
The visit will highlight in particular:
- the tract with the famous cobblestones
- the tombs of Cecilia Metella, of the Rabirii families.
- preview of the Quintili Villa

Please visit the page with photos presenting this famous site in our website

3. Aqueduct Claudius. The awesome, spectacular aqueduct built by the emperor Claudius bringing water from a source 46 miles distant from Rome for 10 miles it is carried on sumptuous arches strewn in the Roman countryside, reminding the magnificence of a fallen empire.

Please visit the page with panoramic photos presenting this famous aqueducts in our website

4. Frascati - Tusculum area. Frascati is probably the most famous of the 13 "Castelli Romani" (Roman Castles), IE the picturesque and varied little towns of the hills just south of Rome. They are the original site where from the Latin civilisation spread first to Rome, then to Italy and thus to the entire Roman Empire. They are surrounded by green hills, or perched on the hills, with a lush vegetation. Since ancient times Romans personalities had their villas or estates in this little fairy towns. Frascati is endowed with most beautiful Renaissance and Renaissance villas (for ex. Villa Aldobrandini). It is also famous for its cuisine and its white wine. The focus will be though the Tusculum area, with ruins of an ancient Roman settlement, with view of all Rome and of all the Alban Hills. Villa Aldobrandini Frascati

Click here for the link to the page in our sister site with presentation of Frascati.

5. Castel Gandolfo, the Pope Summer residence, and the lake of Albano. In ancient times it was called AlbaLonga ("long mountain") as it was built on the ridge of the Lake of Albano, and it was the centre of the Latin civilisation. One of its colonies was... Rome! After some time Rome waged war against the founding town, and subdued it. Nowadays it has a different name (Castel Gandolfo), and it is the renowned summer residence of the Pope (right photo). The town overlooks the wonderful Lake of Albano, and also the Thyrrhenian see and Rome can be seen.

Lake of Albano and CastelGandolfo

The town is surrounded by the Regional Park of the Roman Castles. The 1960 rowing Olympics were held in the Lake of Albano (right photo), and it is also a summer, swimming resort.

Click here for the link to the page in our sister site with presentation of Castel Gandolfo and the Lake of Albano.

Along the way, during the drive (which will be 90 kilometers), the guide will explain to you all the sights and towns which can be seen or crossed (for ex. Grottaferrata, Marino, Albano etc.).

The guide will also show you with the most powerful binocular in the world during the various stops the wonderful sceneries, and panoramic views of Rome in the distance. it will be able to show you the sights of Rome in the distance, which otherwise could not be seen distinctly.

TOUR DAYS: Tuesday to Saturday, beginning at 8:30 am.

TOUR TIME: from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

HOW IT WORKS: you should find yourselves at 8:30 am at the subway stop of line A called "Anagnina". All stops in Rome's centre bring to this stop and it is very easy and inexpensive to get there (1.5 Euro). At the stop you will be met by the Rome guide, who will bring you to all the sights by car. At the end of the tour, you will be brought to the same subway stop.

N. persons: max. 3 persons of normal size or 2 adults of normal size and 2 children, or 2 adults of normal size and 2 adults of small size.

COST: 250 Euro. The price doesn't include entry tickets to sights (for ex. to Tivoli Gardens), however they are inexpensive.

MEAL: it is not included, and depending on your taste, the guide will suggest a (really) characteristic restaurant or cafeteria. Meal time is between 1 and 2 pm.

TO ENQUIRE and TO ORDER: please write to We will reply to you promptly.

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