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Rome telephone service

How to use a phone

In Italy, like in any European country, you pay every call, even local ones. There are presently two main companies for local calls (Telecom Italian and Infostrada), and they bill with a timing logic. Expect to pay 0.11 Euro appr. 12 US cents every 3 min. and 30 sec. for local calls. If you hook to the internet, after a connection of 15 minutes you only pay 0.07 Euro or appr. 0.08 US$ cents.

Long distance

If you call directly it is quite expensive. Calls are timed, and the more distant is the place, the higher is the cost of the call. During night time, after 10 pm, the fare is lower.
For your country, use your calling cards, and bill calls directly to your account back home.

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Rome telephone service

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