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Travel sites:

Rome homes by owner: First and excellent rental by owner website in Rome and in Lazio, it provides a wealth of innovative functions: instrant translation of webpages from English to Italian (and vice versa), automatic translation of correspondence between prospective guests and owners, detailed property presentation, long term rentals section, extensive maps, a Rome and Lazio Guide, an owner manual on how purchasing, preparing and managing the property.

Rome: Rome travel guide and tourist information on Rome and Vatican, hotel reservation, pictures of Rome, top sights and attractions of the Eternal City, entertainment in Rome, traveller's tips etc.

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Our company gladly supports national or international cultural and humanitarian organizations and representatives. Among others:

United Nations Information Technology Service: provides information, guidance on how decreasing the digital gap between countries and populations, and about how to utilize all digital resources for the development of populations and areas in need.

Canadian Territories of the North West: it provides unobtainable information, travel tips and tourist suggestions to explore one of the most unspoilt areas of the planet, where nature and wildlife are still perfectly preserved. The website in in French.

Burundi Embassy to the U.S.A. in Washington D.C.: After many years of civil war the landlocked African country reached a reconciliation, and is now re-building its economy and its infrastructure. The website also provides the latest news on the country, travel and tourist information, and naturally how to contact the embassy.

Azerbajan Embassy in Turkmenistan: Azerbajan is a beautiful country with varied landscapes and natural resources, including oil. It is one of the last unspoilt and successful tourist areas. Travelers appreciate especially its incredible colours. Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan are two neighbouring countries with friendly relation, ever increasing. The website provides embassy contact information, and also plentiful tips and suggestions on the country. Bilingual website (English and Russian).

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