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Rome Navona Signora town house presentation

Piazza Navona quarter

Navona "Signora", luxury town house with terrace

The kitchen

Rome Signora townhouse near the site of Roman Holiday party by the Tiber

Finest two bedroom town house, with sitting room-dining room, large terrace, kitchen, in an elegant historical palace near Piazza Navona and the antiques dealers' street Via Coronari. Excellent fittings and equipment.

    • Air conditioning
    • High speed Wi-FI internet access
    • Colour TV
    • Fully equipped kitchen w. fridge/freezer
    • High quality washing machine, dishwasher
    • Microwave
    • Remotely controlled heating
    • Jacuzzi
    • Video player (PAL, no NTSC),
    • Radio, stereo CD player
    • Piano
    • American coffee percolator

      The apartment is also equipped with:

    • Alarm clock, bottled water, hair dryer,
    • linen and towels, paper towels, soap bars, shampoo, laundry detergent.
    • You will find a guide of local activities and local restaurants, and maps.


  1. The preview-concise presentation


  1. The sitting-dining room
  2. The foyer and the corridor
  3. The terrace
  4. The master bedroom
  5. The kitchen (this page)
  6. The bathroom
  7. The second bedroom
  8. The entrance
  9. Specific location features with exact map location

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The kitchen of the Navona Signora is really the corner stone of the home. It is ample, bright, decorated state-of-the-art, and also - as it is typical of this property - with state-of-the-art appliances.

Rome Navona Signora kitchen presentation

The ample and most inviting kitchen seen from its door

As soon as you can see, the floor is different from the rest of the property. In fact, they are made with very old "cotto" tiles, giving it a distinct personality, and a pleasant feel. The room has an own window (overlooking a silent internal court with plants), and especially it has a peculiar sky window, built in the 19 century, which is actually a little tower jutting from the roof, to enable solar irradiaton from different sides (please also see its photo below).

Navona Signora town house kitchen

A closer view of the kitchen, enables to see all its elements and of the equipment.

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Leaving aside the architectural features, the equipment is excellent, enabling any visitor to feel at home. You find in fact: a very large fride / freezer of the German brand "Miele", one of the best in the world; the stoves (fires) with their hood; a dish-washer, a microwave owner, and naturally excellent cutlery, dishes, pots and pans, and coffee pots.

Rome Navona Signora town house opposite view of the kitchen

Opposite view of the kitchen

The opposite view enables to see the table, comfortably seating three persons, an old cherry wood cupboard, a small wooden table, and naturally, as it is typical of this house, you also find paintings, and a very nice wall clock.


The sky window of the kitchen, which is actually a small turret jutting out in the roof, enabling to receive solar irradiation from different angles, thus maximizing sunlight.

It also includes a small window, which can be opened pulling a rope with handle.

Right photo: the ceiling turret of the kitchen, covered with glass, and also with a window

Navona Signora town house kitchen sky window

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Completing the equipment of the kitchen, you also find nearby in the corridor a built-in storage, which is ample and which contains also the iron with iron board, the vacuum cleaner, and near to it, in a different corner, you find the ample washing machine, of the famous German brand Miele (by many considered to be the best).

Navona Signora town house storage room

The built-in storage in the corridor near the kitchen

Navona Signora town house the washing machine

The "Miele" brand ample washing machine, in the corridor near the kitchen

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