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Rome Navona Signora town house presentation

Piazza Navona quarter

Navona "Signora", luxury town house with terrace

The foyer and the corridor

Rome Signora townhouse near the site of Roman Holiday party by the Tiber

Finest two bedroom town house, with sitting room-dining room, large terrace, kitchen, in an elegant historical palace near Piazza Navona and the antiques dealers' street Via Coronari. Excellent fittings and equipment.

    • Air conditioning
    • High speed Wi-FI internet access
    • Colour TV
    • Fully equipped kitchen w. fridge/freezer
    • High quality washing machine, dishwasher
    • Microwave
    • Remotely controlled heating
    • Jacuzzi
    • Video player (PAL, no NTSC),
    • Radio, stereo CD player
    • Piano
    • American coffee percolator

      The apartment is also equipped with:

    • Alarm clock, bottled water, hair dryer,
    • linen and towels, paper towels, soap bars, shampoo, laundry detergent.
    • You will find a guide of local activities and local restaurants, and maps.


  1. The preview-concise presentation


  1. The sitting-dining room
  2. The foyer and the corridor (this page)
  3. The terrace
  4. The master bedroom
  5. The kitchen
  6. The bathroom
  7. The second bedroom
  8. The entrance
  9. Specific location features with exact map location

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The foyer and the corridors are one of the noteworthy aspects of this lovely property.

navona signora townhouse the corridor

The foyer or lobby is situated just past the entry door, and it continues with a corridor to the master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen

The foyer is ample and its striking feature are the lavish furniture and its paintings. You find two small tables (most useful to leave objects) with a chair, an antique, beautiful desk complete with mirror and its chair, a set of three finest reading lamps (near the desk), a wooden hall or clothes stand, an intriguing carpet, another elegant chair, and many paintings.

navona signora corridor

The opposite view of the foyer enables to have a glimpse also of the second bedroom and of the sitting room

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As you can see in the photo, the foyer, like all the property, displays the beautiful large ancient chestnut architraves, and the beams and planks of the roof, stil l of chestnut.


As you can also see in the above photo, to the left you find a window, which enables to have a glimpse of the terrace and of the neighboring palaces (right photo).

Right photo: view from the window of the foyer

Rome Navona Signora townhouse foyer window with view of the terrace


The foyer and the corridor are lavishly decorated with paintings (right photo).

At first look they appear to be a collection of paintings of different schools and eras. Instead, they reveal the owner's taste on one hand for surrealist paintings, and on the other hand for more classical schools, in particular of the 16th century, with its sharp contrast of light and dark, and vivid colours.

As you would expect, some paintings reflect persaonal experiences of the owner.

Navona Signora townhouse paintings in the main corridor

Also in the corridor to the master bedroom you find another collection of paintings, more imaginative than the set of the foyer.

Some paintings resemble the Modigliani school (the 20th century painter with a preference for surrealist women bodies), while one is a Chinese print of ancient times. Finally you find a caricature of the owner.

Navona Signora other paintings in the corridor

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Rome Navona Signora townhouse panoramic view of the sitting room and of the foyer

This panoramic photo allows you to have a combined view of the sitting room and of the foyer

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