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Campo de' Fiori "Botticelli" - the entrance, the corridor

Elegant designer two bedroom, sitting room, dining room apt. with terrace, fireplace and two bathrooms. Silent, tastefully furnished, it is also remarkably equipped.

  • Air conditioning in every room
  • Perfect heating, regulated with thermostat
  • 2 Large LCD Sony colour TVs with satellite dish, one is 55" inches wide (!)
  • 2 Hi-Fi stereo sets
  • DVD and CD player
  • WI-FI internet connection
  • Complimentary cell phone
  • Washing machine - NEW: clothes dryer
  • Iron and iron board
  • Fully equipped kitchen also with microwave oven
  • baby cot bed
  • working fireplace (only for careful tenants)

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Apartment presentation

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The apartment is situated at the 2nd European floor (it would be the 3rd in the USA). The palace has a lift, please find in the lower part of this page its presentation.

The corridor of the apartment, just past the entry door.

As soon as you pass the thick wooden door of the apartment you see the long corridor of the apartment (see the above photo). The first door to the left is of a storage room, used for service reasons only, and which thus cannot be opened by guests. After it, you can see to the left the door of the twin beds room.
A more careful look will reveal that the corridor is made of two sections: the first one has a floor of tiles, while the second part is one little step higher, and it has wooden floor (of durmast wood). In the first section you find two fine old prints, with large gilt frames. There are also two little tables, used to lay keys or other objects as you enter.

The corridor of the apartment, seen from a slightly more distant point, past the door of twin beds room.
The second half of the entrance corridor is shown. The first door to the left leads to the sitting room

The second section of the corridor leads respectively to the sitting room (left), to the bathroom (right), and finally it reaches the master bedroom, which you can see in the background.

The door with an antique mirror separates entirely
the master bedroom and the master bathroom from all other areas of the apartment
The lift of the palace

After the sitting room door, and before the bathroom door, there is a door which can thus separate entirely the section with the master bedroom and master bathroom. This door is panelled with a beautiful antique mirror (19th century), which gives blurred, partly distorted yet intriguing reflections. In the above photo you can see how it reflects the master bathroom.

One final note about the lift (elevator) of the palace. It is placed half floor higher than the landings with the apartments entry doors. However, taking the lift can save you 1.5 floors to climb, as you only need to climb a small ramp (half floor) to reach the elevator, then you can take it two floors up to the 2.5 floor, then climb down half floor to the landing with the entry door of the apartment.

Rome Campo de' Fiori Botticelli elegant two bedroom two bathroom apartment with terrace

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