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Campo de' Fiori "Botticelli" - the dining room

Elegant designer two bedroom, sitting room, dining room apt. with terrace, fireplace and two bathrooms. Silent, tastefully furnished, it is also remarkably equipped.

  • Air conditioning in every room
  • Perfect heating, regulated with thermostat
  • 2 Large LCD Sony colour TVs with satellite dish, one is 55" inches wide (!)
  • 2 Hi-Fi stereo sets
  • DVD and CD player
  • WI-FI internet connection
  • Complimentary cell phone
  • Washing machine - NEW: clothes dryer
  • Iron and iron board
  • Fully equipped kitchen also with microwave oven
  • baby cot bed
  • working fireplace (only for careful tenants)

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Apartment presentation

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The brightest room of the apartment, the dining room connects many othe rooms and spaces of the apartment. Through it you can reach the sitting room, the kitchen, the patio and also to the little balcony of the master bedroom.

The dining room, broad view

The dining room has a large table to dine, with chairs for six, and also a large boocase stretching on one entire side. There is also a large sofa (which is a sofa bed, so the property is suitable for parties of five persons). You also find a wooden chest of drawers with cutlery, dishes and table clothes. There is also a built-in shelf, adjacent to the kitchen door, with a lamp and other useful items to have meals (please also look the photos below).

The dining room, seen from the door of the sitting room

The dining room also leads to the patio, overlooking the gardens, the court and the old palace of the Venerable English College, the most ancient English institution abroad (13th century).

This room is the brightest of the apartment, as it is exposed to direct sunlight all the time. The previous photos were snapped in the morning.

Detail of the dining room, showing the sunlight progress in the early afternoon (compare to above photos)

After lunch time, as the sun rotates, the room has a direct sun exposure through the windows, as shown in the photo below, highlighting the windows of the room and the sun dazzle in the room (compare to the above photos).

The dining room seen from another angle, IE from the door leading to the kitchen

From this different angle, from the door leading to the kitchen, you can single out the shelf between the kitchen door and the window of the room, and also you have a close-up of the chest of drawers including the cutlery and the dishes. Notice also the wooden beam ceilings (nut tree), the wooden floors (durmast), the Persian carpets, and also the original surrealist paintings of the American painter Hayter.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that this room has access to the balcony of the master bedroom, through a door (concealed in the above photos by a dark courtain).

This balcony also has a view of the Venerable English college, and of a secluded interal court with plants beneath.

The dark brown door in the balcony leads to a little storage room including the washing machine and the burner / heater of the apartment, for both hot water and heat.

(Right): Dining room: door to the balcony of the master bedroom.



All inclusive weekly price from 2,400 Euro (depending on the season, no. of persons etc.).

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Our PRICES are ALL INCLUSIVE. They include: rent, agency commission, cleaning fees (with linen / towels / soap bars supply), check-in/out done by professional assistants, assistance during your stay, utility consumption with generous limits.

Our quality properties are carefully selected, prepared and maintained, with exclusive rights.

We handle every aspect directly and personally. We are not an internet "portal", nor intermediaries: we don't "collect" many properties just to book them, cash commissions and pass on to others giving poor service: we only have limited selected properties to ensure attentive service. We will follow you in every stage and detail: extensive e-mail property and travel guidance before renting, check-in/out and assistance during the rental.

We are based in Rome, and we also arrange many side services and daily excursions.

Rome Campo de' Fiori Botticelli elegant two bedroom two bathroom apartment with terrace

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