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The Italian and Roman cuisine are tasteful and varied. Yet since the old days Rome hosts many non-Italian minorities, giving it an international stature and a cosmopolitan feel. It this thus very typical in Rome, also for Romans, to attend especially Greek restaurants.
Beyond the culinary aspect, deep-seated values and traditions come into play, rekindling the Mediterranean philosophy of exchanging ideas and values between peoples, and bringing countries together. There is no better way of doing it than with the pleasures of the table.

Taverna greca “EGEO“ - Egean restaurant

Address: Via A. Dulceri 99, tel. (+39) 06273807

This restaurant will surprise you in many ways. If you think that good food comes only with a high bill, think twice. The "Egeo" (Egean) restaurant supplies excellent Greek food, with an ample variety of dishes, all prepared according to tradition with utmost care. Customers generally agree that the food prepared compares with the best restaurants in Greece - at a fraction of the cost.

As you would expect, you will find moussaka (an eggplant dish, somewhat resembling the Italian "Melanzane alla Parmigiana"), ghiros (kebab with Greek bread called "pita"), tzatziki (a sauce with yoghurt), melitzano (eggplang) stuffed cakes, taramosalata (fish), and other Greek salads, Saganaki (cooked cheese), Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), metzes (mixed dishes), spinach cakes, and many other Greek specialities.

Rome Greek restaurant Egean

Needless to say you will find Ouzo (liqueur made with a combination of pressed grapes, herbs and berries including aniseed, licorice, mint), Retzina (wine with pine resin flavour), Greek cognac, Greek coffee, and among the desserts, award-winning giant baklavas uniquely prepared with cinnamon flavour. A final touch is an unobtainable digestive liqueur with carnation cloves taste.

The price is absolutely reasonable. It depends on the number of dishes you will order: for a very good meal, with a reasonably ample assortment of dishes and drinks, the cost is around 30 Euro. It is though possible having a lighter meal, with fewer dishes (yet no less rewarding), spending around 20 Euro.

Yet describing the mere culinary aspects doesn't do justice to this lovely restaurant. The Greek owner Mr. Mario is of disarming hospitality. He is also an expert of Greek music, and while he supervises all the activities of the restaurant from time to time he plays popular Greek songs with his bouzouki. The young Greek waiters are most courteous and speedy. The atmosphere of the restaurant is undoubtly Greek: the furnishing, the blue-white decorations, the background music, the lively ambience, the loquaceous and gleeful customers.

A final touch is given by utmost characteristic live shows of Greek music and dance, on Friday and Saturday evenings between November and June. Last but not least, the restaurant also organizes courses of Greek language and culture. It is recommended that you book, by calling the restaurant the night before after 8 PM. The restaurant opens at 8:30 PM, and it is located in the quarter called "Pigneto", along the Casilina road, not far from Porta Maggiore, a gate of old Rome's walls. It is best getting there by taxi.

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