Rome restaurant guide


In the quarter you will find many restaurants. Of course you will find all the Italian ones that your heart desires, from cozy family run "trattorie" and "pizzerie" to fine "ristoranti", with all the regional variants. You can also find other cuisines (French, Chinese, Japanese, Indian etc.). And there are also many "gelaterie" (ice cream cafes), bars, pastry shops, wineries for connoisseurs, "torrefazione" (special bars where you can drink or even buy the coffee specifically ground and toasted by the house). You really have the embarrassment of richness. And if you feel like cooking at home, not only you will find normal supermarket (in Via del Boschetto towards Via Nazionale, to the right: "Margherita"), fruit shops, but also cozy, old-fashioned grocery stores in Via dei Serpenti.


A large, clean hall

Great work at the oven

In the Neapolitan pizza the dough is let aside to raise, the pizza is thicker and more dressed. "Chicco di Grano" also prepares 40 different types of Bruschetta, a Roman specialty of grilled bread dipped in olive oil and garlic (with many variants). Chicco di Grano is also an excellent restaurant, with a rich menu, with many Mediterranean dishes. It offers a 10% discount to Roman Homes customers. Again, you will need to have the rental contract with you, or our business card.


Mr. Roberto Pepi

Another restaurant we recommend is Goffredo in Via Panisperna 231 (tel. 064740620, closed on Monday). It is very old, as it was founded in 1886. Enrico Fermi, the physicist who discovered the fixation of Uranium, had his meals here. The restaurant has two halls, both very well appointed. A large variety of dishes from various Italian regions are prepared and presented in a very fine way. The service is courteous and attentive, and the friendly owner Mr. Roberto Pepi is most hospitable. For a menu "a la carte" (choosing your preferred dishes) expect to pay around 24 US$ or 25 Euro) for a menu with only vegetables.

For a menu "a la carte" with meat the price is app. 28 US$ or 29 Euro, and app. 34 US$ or 35 Euro for one with fish. However, this restaurant offers also 3 fixed price menus: the less expensive costs app. 18 US$ or 19 Euro), and it includes a starter, first and second course, side dish and fruit (drinks not included). Ask for "Menu' a prezzo fisso" and the waiter will present to you the list with all the possibilities.


The long bench

If you are thinking of "Gelato" (ice cream), we recommend "Il Gelatone" (The Big Ice Cream), in Via dei Serpenti 28 (tel. 064820187). The ice cream is not only big, it is just G-R-E-A-T, one of the best in town! Chef Paolo prepares about 100 variants of fresh and home made Gelato, including all sorts of fruit ice cream, more classical flavours, and new ones he creates (for ex. "Crema Antica" - Ancient Cream).

He also prepares ice cream with soy milk (without cow milk), and also without sugar for those who are on a diet. Also this great place offers a 10% discount to Roman Homes customers, you will need the rental contract with you, or our business card. "Gelatone" is a big temptation open nearly all the time (between 8 am and midnight).

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