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In ANZIO, on the seaside near Rome: "ALCESTE AL BUON GUSTO" (P.le S. Antonio, 6). It is near the port, with the only apparent pro that it has a balcony with tables overlooking the sea. For this reason we went there to please a guest of ours who wanted to eat with view of the sea. They made us wait 30 (real) minutes before we could seat, which is also feasible on a busy day, however they were not kind, even before we could sit.

Once we sat at the table, they made us wait 25 more minutes, not only without serving us, but without even removing the dirty table cloth and the dishes of the previous customers, or without bringing us even a bottle of water: they just disregarded us completely! When we finally complained politely (we were exhausted, we entered the restaurant one hour before!), the owners told us very harshly that we shouldn't complain, and that we should just wait (!). They were extremely rude and arrogant, and told us that if we didn't like to wait, we should go to eat in some pizzeria (as if we didn't understand the complexity of the work of an "important" restaurant). Frustrated, hungry - and angry -, we went to eat in a nearby restaurant. We later met other people who stayed at Alceste and who were finally served after a long wait. They said that the food was awful, and the bill outrageous. Steer clear from such a place!

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