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While wondering around the area, which stretches from Campo de' Fiori, across the Piazza Navona, you will soon discover many of the treasures of the city. This is area is culturally, historically, artistically and architecturally compelling and will consume your imagination immediately. You will find a vast array of fantastic "trattorie", "pizzerie" and "ristoranti".


If you are staying in the Campo de' Fiori area we recommend "DA GIULIO" situated just after the Church of Santa Maria in Monserrato, in Via della Barchetta 19 (Tel. 0668806466 - from 12-3:30 p.m. and from 7 pm - 11 pm; closed on Monday).
This restaurant was discovered by the seminarists and priests of the adjacent Venerable English College, which is the most ancient English institution abroad. It became also a favourite of many artists of the Roman avant-garde, who thus have their meals together with Vatican Monsignors and prelates, and of course with more ordinary persons. Giulio, his wife, and maitre Massimiliano are extremely hospitable hosts. The restaurant is also charming, situated in a 16th century palazzo with high vaults. In summers it has a cozy outdoor dining area.

"Da Giulio", the hall

A variety of interesting antipasti, pastas and main course dishes are offered. Specialties include home made gnocchi with truffle, gorgonzola cheese, pesto or ragu', and fettuccine with mushrooms or mozzarella. There is also a large variety of second course dishes, mostly with meat and fish.
Prices are very reasonable, the average price for a meal is appr. 24 US$ or 20 Euros, a bit more if you have meat or fish.
Pay attention to find the restaurant, as it is tucked in a little side street of Via Monserrato. You should take Via Monserrato as it begins from Piazza Farnese, then walk along for appr. 60-70 meters (appr. 70-75 yards), until you find the Church of Monserrato to the left (it has a large white facade). Turn immediately after it to the left (Via Barchetta), and you will find the restaurant to the right.

Trattoria "ANTICA TAVERNA", Via Monte Giordano, 12 (Tel. 0668801053, open 12:00 noon until 24:00 midnight, daily). This is a very popular little trattoria that serves a variety of meat and fish dishes cooked according to Roman, Tuscan and Ligurian recipes. This family run trattoria offers attentive and friendly service and an intimate environment which favours relaxation and long Roman lunches. The average price for a meal is similar to that of Giulio.

We also recommend "Trattoria Da Luigi" in Piazza Sforza Cesarini, 24. (Tel. 0668885945/ 066864777 open 12.00 noon until 24.00 midnight, closed on Mondays). This trattoria offers a superb and extensive menu of meat, fish and vegetarian food and has an impressive list of fine wines. Da Luigi is centrally located in a piazza just off the Corso Vittorio Emanuele but it manages to retain a sense of tranquillity and peace. The average price for a meal is 30 US$ // 25 Euro.

LA TORRETTA is the restaurant for those of you who are not vegetarians, and who like well prepraed fish or meat. In summer the restaurant has a large outdoor space with tables. The owners and waiters are very helpful. The restaurant is located in Piazza della Torretta, 38-40, in the vicinity of Via del Corso. (Tel. 066833494, open 12.00 noon until 24.00 midnight, closed on Tuesdays). You should walk along Via del Corso until you find the charming square Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina (near Via Condotti). Walk through the piazza, then turn left in Via del Leoncino, and then immediately to the right you will find Piazza della Torretta and the restaurant.

La Torretta restaurant

The average price for a meal is 35 US$ // 30 Euros.

LA RUSTICHELLA ("Not only Pizza" as their slogan says). Vicolo della Cancelleria 13 (Tel. 0668803786). They have many varieties of Pizza (try the one with peppers), and also typical Roman cuisine. They have at least 15 first courses, and great "antipasti" (Mediterranean horsd'oeuvre). Following the Roman cuisine they have many meat dishes.
Expect to pay app. 18-20 US$ // 15-65 Euros for a pizza-meal (pizza, drink, dessert), and 25 US$ // 20 Euros for a regular meal.

La Rustichella

We would like to recommend the following places to you in the neighbourhood.

SORA MARGHERITA situated in Piazza Cinque Scole, 30 (Tel. 066864002) For lunch only. This restaurant is one you should not be missing if you like Roman Jewish cuisine. Less famous then others, hard to find (it does not even have a sign), it is attended by the Roman Jews, and connoisseurs. It offers the complete variety of Jewish cuisine, beginning from the famous fried artichokes (Carciofi alla Giudia). The price is very low app. 14 US$ or 15 Euros, giving value to your money. This is why they said they could not offer a discount to our customers (rock bottom price). Great place to explore for cultural reasons. Pay attention to find it, as it is not easy.

PICCOLA ROMA situated on Via Uffici del Vicario, 36. (Tel. 066798606) For lunch and dinner. Following the Roman cuisine, they offer many meat dishes, but also good first courses, and have also a good wine list. The average price for a meal (consisting of four courses including wine, bread and a service charge) is app. 24 US$ or 26 Euros.
Next to it is the ice cream place "Giolitti", an institution in Rome, and you could not think of a better place after the meal.

RISTORANTE "PIERLUIGI" situated in Piazza de Ricci, 144. Tel. 0668800778 / 779, closed Monday. For lunch and Dinner. The price is in the average of the restaurants presented above.

RISTORANTE MONSERRATO situated on Via di Monserrato, 96,Tel. 066873386. For lunch and Dinner. The price is in the average of the restaurants presented above.

SETTIMIO AL PELLEGRINO situated on Via dell Pellegrino, 117. For lunch and Dinner. The price is in the average of the restaurants presented above.

DITTIRAMBO situated in Piazza della Cancelleria, 74 (Tel. 066871626). For Dinner only. The price is in the average of the restaurants presented above.

GRAPPOLO D'ORO situated in Piazza della Cancelleria, 80 (Tel. 066897080) opposite Dittirambo's. For Dinner only. The price is in the average of the restaurants presented above.

L'INSALATA RICCA situated in Largo dei Chiavari, 85 (Tel. 0668803656) and also in Piazza di Pasquino, 72 (Tel. 0668307881). For lunch only. The price is in the average of the restaurants presented above.

PARIS situated in Piazza San Calisto, 7e ( Tel. 065815378). For lunch and For Dinner. The price is on the average the same of the above mentioend restaurants.

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