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The master bedroom, its balcony, and the master bathroom

Deluxe three bedroom, double sitting room, dining room, study room, 3 bathrooms, kitchen apartment with terrace and garden, balconies.

  • perfect air conditioning in each room
  • complimentary Italian cell phone
  • fast WI-Fin internet connection 24/7
  • colour TV (two sets)
  • satellite dish to watch international channels
  • Jacuzzi in master bathroom
  • washing machine-clothes dryer;
  • iron, ironing board
  • dish washer
  • indipendent heating (with customized regulation)
  • Italian Nespresso coffee machine
  • complete mid-week cleaning and change of linen and towels
  • complimentary bottles of fine Italian wines and starters (food) provided

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The master bedroom seen from its door

The master bedroom is bright and silent, and prepared with utmost taste. It is not the largest of the bedrooms, it is simply the one with a king size bed. The room is painted with delicate pastel grades, and it has moquette in all its surface (wall-to-wall carpeting).

Opposite view of the master bedroom

Opposite view

As this opposite photo (shot with wide-angle lens) shows, the room includes a chest of drawers, bed-side tables (only one is shown, but two are available), chairs, and a large wardrobe. There are also paintings and fine lamps.

The balcony of the master bedroom

The next photos show the balcony of the master bedroom.

The left photo shows it from one end, while the photo below was snapped at the other end, and shows practically the internal courtyard of the palazzo. In fact the palazzo is made of two sections, one facing Via San Giacomo, the second facing Via dei Greci, and between them there is a lovely courtyard, with plants, and with the back entrance of a few selected shops of the two streets (including a violin maker, and the Lion Bookshop, the most ancient English bookshop of Rome). The courtyard borders to the East with the transept of the Church of Sant'Atanasio. Its awesome size and its stylish profile blends with the gentle profile and vivid colours of the palazzo.

The internal court of the palace


View of the internal court of the palace from the master bedroom balcony.

In the background you can see the Church of St. Athanasius, also called Chiesa dei Greci or Greeks' Church.

The next photos show the bathroom of the master bedroom.

Master bedroom bathroom
The master bathroom seen from its door. It is flooded with sunlight, especially during morning hours.

The bathroom of the master bedroom is very bright. The floors and the walls are of fine Carrara marble, glowing as they reflect the sun rays.
The room includes the normal European components (large sink with mirror, toilet, bidet), and particularly an efficient Jacuzzi, also including a hand-held shower.

Jacuzzi of the bathroom Jacuzzi of the bathroom

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