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Navona Campanella "Roman roofs" -
Detailed views

A one bedroom top floor apt. with ample sitting-dining room, patio and panoramic terrace overlooking old Rome's roofs and sights.

  • Air conditioning
  • Internet WI-FI high speed connection
  • Colour TV with satellite dish to watch English-speaking and intl. channels
  • Normal landline telephone
  • HI-FI stereo (CD player, tuner)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • American coffee percolator
  • Iron, iron board
  • Washing machine
  • Dish washer
  • Autonomous heating

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Apartment presentation

Location presentation

To Rome centre map, for the exact location of each property.

From the penhouse you can have many interesting views. As you will have a tea or read a book outside, there are plenty of things to see, which are worth the stay in this apartment.

Old Rome Roofs view

The lively and joyful roofs of the Piazza Navona quarter, with their chimneys. Notice the old tiles, of various types: "coppo romano" (Roman bent roof tiles, made of opposite half cylinders), "portoguese" (half cylinders followed by a flat part). The terraces appear to be nested on the roofs.

Church of Santa Agnese emerging from old Rome roofs

The dome of the Church of Sant'Agnese (St. Agnes) in Piazza Navona emerges from the old roofs. It was designed by Rome's most genial architect, Francesco Borromini.


Rome Roman Roofs penthouse view of Castel Sant'Angelo

The photo shows a close-up looking towards north. Emerging from old Rome roofs you can see the trees flanking the Tiber, and Castel Sant'Angelo. Initially it was the monumental tomb of emperor Hadrian. On top of it a massive castle was built, to protect the Pope when Rome was besieged. A specific wall with a passage allowed to Pope to flee from the Vatican to Castel St. Angelo. It is called "Passetto", and it is still perfectly standing to this day. Notice the tourists having a view of Rome in the high observation point, one of Rome's highest.

In the sack of Rome of 1527 by the Spanish troops, the castle was a stronghold of the Pope defence, and reports of those days are still vivid in the history of the town. The very place where you see the tourists lodged the cannons of the defenders, firing onto the Spanish troops, as described by Benvenuto Cellini.

Together with the characteristic old Rome roofs of traditional Roman homes, you can also see the roofs and the pinnacles of fine aristocratic palaces, each displaying its own specific style and coat of arms. Rome's seagull find the perfect sites where to squat and build their nests. Notice the seagull resting right at the summit of the roof. Rome roofs and old aristocratica palace


Rome seagulls on the roofs

Romeo, the cat dancing on old Rome roofs
Neighbours: the seagulls resting on the roofs
Neighbours: Romeo, the cat silently dancing among the roofs.

Roman roofs penthouse storage room






The storage room is placed in the high terrace. It cannot be accessed, it is opened only by the service personnel. The photo to the left shows what you see when you look inside from its glass window.

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Rome apartments in Piazza Navona Roman Roofs attic

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