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Navona Campanella "Roman roofs":
the bedroom

A one bedroom top floor apt. with ample sitting-dining room, patio and panoramic terrace overlooking old Rome's roofs and sights.

  • Air conditioning
  • Internet WI-FI high speed connection
  • Colour TV with satellite dish to watch English-speaking and intl. channels
  • Normal landline telephone
  • HI-FI stereo (CD player, tuner)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • American coffee percolator
  • Iron, iron board
  • Washing machine
  • Dish washer
  • Autonomous heating

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Apartment presentation

Location presentation

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The charming bedroom is accessed directly from the sitting-dining room. It is ample, bright, and furnished with taste.

Rome apartments Navona attic Roman roofs

The bright double bedroom, seen from its door. Notice the sun rays gently suffusing the room.

As it occurs in all the property, the floor is made of terracotta tiles, and the ceiling is endowed with the original thick wooden (chestnut) beams, traditional of old Rome's palaces. From the window one can see as usual the roofs of old Rome (we will publish photos with views from this windows in a few days).

Roman roofs penthouse overlooking Rome roofs bedroom
Opposite view, of the double bedroom. Notice the sun rays gently displaying on the bed.

The double bed is quite ample, one of the largest of its king to be found in Italy. Behind it is a little bas-relief arch, encircling a mirror, which reflects the sun light in the room.

You also find a very ample bookcase, with many shelves. The large bookcase also includes two ample desks.

The room is also endowed with a table and two chairs facing directly the window, making the room a perfect place to reflect on the past day spent visiting Rome, and to write your dairy or letters to friends.

Between the bed and the window, and between the bed and the door leading to the bathroom, you also find two ample built-in wardrobes, perfectly conceiled in the walls.

The room is endowed also with a large carpet, lamps, and paintings.

Finally, also the window of this room allows you to have a view on old Rome's roofs, towards South.


Master bedroom window view: a forest of domes and terraces.

Roman Roofs penthouse bedroom window view


The floor plan is shown to the right.

The apartment is appr. 65 square meters large (appr. 700 Sq. Ft.), to which you should add the surface of the terraces.

The second panoramic terrace is not shown in the floor plan, as it is situated on top of the apartment.

(Right): Floor plan of the apartment. The second, panoramic terrace is not shown. It has the same size of the apartment, which is overlaps precisely.


The equipment is also remarkable: quality air conditioning (with silent external engine and internal blower, with remote control), colour TV with satellite aerial to watch international channels, VHS videorecorder, stereo (including: CD and cassete player, turntable, tuner), normal landline phone, and beginning from February 2008 also WI-FI internet connection.

The bedroom leads to the passage room (its door can be seen in the photo), and thus to the bathroom.

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Rome apartments in Piazza Navona Roman Roofs attic

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