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Campo de' Fiori - Jewish quarter

Rome Domes apartment:

The dining room and the open plan kitchen

Fine two bedrooms two bathrooms apartment, with sitting room, dining room, and large open plan kitchen, endowed with two utmost panoramic terraces with panoramic views of most Rome's domes, in an elegant historical palace facing the famous Tortoise fountain. Excellent equipment. Daily cleaning.

    • Elevator
    • Air conditioning
    • Colour TV with satellite dish
    • Independent heating
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave
    • American coffee percolator
    • Normal landline telephone
    • Internet Wi-Fi high speed internet
    • Personal guide of Jewish Rome on request

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The dining room and the open plan kitchen are essential features of the apartment, as they are perfectly placed in its centre.

Dining room view
The dining room seen from the space near the open plan kitchen

Moreover, as you can see, they are adjacent to the first terrace, which is nearly their extension.

Dining room another view

The three spaces form together an extremely functional and pleasant area, nearly unobtainable.

The dining room includes an old-fashioned wooden table with chairs for four. The room is finely decorated with old paintings, prints and lamps (please look also the sitting room photos for an opposite view).
Through a window you have a glimpse of the terrace.

The room includes also a small table where you find the normal landline telephone and the WI-FI internet modem. As in all rooms, there is excellent air conditioning and heating.

As in the case of the Tortoise apartment, all services (dishes, jugs, cups etc.) are marked with the coat of arms of the patrician family owning the palace since many centuries.

(Left):The dining room seen closer and from a different angle)

The kitchen is nearby, and it is partly is open plan, thanks to a wide sill, made of a variant of marble called "Botticino", of which also the tables of the kitchen are made of.

kitchen and dining room
View of both the dining room and the open plan kitchen

As in the case of the Tortoise apartment, the furniture and layout of the kitchen were prepared with cleverness by artisan carpenters. All modern equipment is included: the fires, a classical oven (as well as a microwave), a dishwasher, various cupboards and drawers (with the dishes, cutlery, mats, glasses, pots and pans). You find the unfailing Italian coffee pots (large and small), an American coffee percolator and a toaster. The fridge is situated in a built-in closet in the opposite wall of the wooden cabinets (and thus it is not visible in the above photo).

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