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Jewish quarter - Campo de' Fiori: "Roman Vista", "Rome Domes" and "Tortoise" apartments

The palace

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The elegant palace is one of the finest in Rome, owned by a distinguished and courteous noble family since many centuries. The palace overlooks two squares: Piazza Mattei, with the famous Tortoise fountain, and Piazza Costaguti, named after the aristocratic family.


The adjoining aristocratic palace

(Left): The noble palace including the Roman Vista apartment (its balcony is the highest one). Beneath it you can see, to the right, the charming Tempietto del Carmelo - Little Carmel Temple - dedicated to St. Mary of the Carmel. Here Jews were forced to hear sermons in order to convert them to Catholicism.

Interior court of the palace

The elegant cars of the owners parked in the court

The court inside the palace was recently renovated in order to recuperate the 16th century decorations. Classy cars are parked (along with the unfailing Vespa). The coat of arms of the Costaguti family is everywhere. It displays three stars on three undulating lines. The family in fact originated from the coastline of the Italian Riviera (Costa = coast, Aguta = sharp).

A lamp in the palace court. Notice the coat of arms of the noble Costaguti family, even in the details.

(Left): Entrance of the historical section of the palace

One section of the palace retained completely its original ancient splendour, and is still used by the aristocratic family. It includes world-acclaimed frescoes by Guercino, Domenichino, and by the Zuccari brothers.

Nearby, in the famous church San Carlo ai Catinari, important members of the Costaguti family (two cardinals of the early 17th century) rest in the family chapel (the first to the right as you enter).

The church is dedicated to Cardinal San Carlo Borromeo, and its dome is the 3rd highest in Rome.

Notice the coat of arms of the Costaguti family in the chapel (three stars over three sharp undulating lines). As you can see above, it is the same of the photo of the lamp of the court, and which you find everywhere in the palace.


(Right) Costaguti chapel, within the church of San Carlo ai Catinari