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SPANISH STEPS "ANITA" (Via delle Carrozze):
The ample kitchen

Rome Spanish Steps apartments
Large elegant 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment in a quiet and charming street right in front of the Spanish Steps. Tastefully furnished and remarkably equipped.

  • Complimentary cell phone
  • 4 colour TV sets with satellite dish
  • Independent central heating
  • Computerised air conditioning
  • Shower with Jacuzzi
  • Washing machine + clothes dryer
  • Dish washer
  • HI-FI stereo (CD player, tuner)
  • American coffee percolator, tea kettle
  • Mixer, orange squeezer, iron, iron board. microwave oven
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Baby cot bed

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Apartment presentation

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The kitchen is easily accessed through the sitting-dining room. It is rather ample, but above all it is perfectly equipped and functional.

Rome Spanish Steps apartments ample kitchen
The kitchen seen from its door

All its appliances and elements are brand new. You thus find: an ample fridge with freezer, a double large sink with a large cupboard to dry dishes, many fires (with a large suction-ventilation. Naturally you also find a table with chairs, shelves and a cupboard.

Rome Spanish Steps apartments with kitchen
Opposite view, from the kitchen table

The meticulously prepared equipment
The dishwasher
The drawers with the cutlery

The equipment includes also a mixer, an American coffee percolator, Italian coffee pots, a hot water kettle, a toaster, an electric orange squeezer, and an ample dishwasher.

The comfortable table of the kitchen.



Close-up view on (from left to right): the fridge, the dishwasher, the sink, the cupboard, the drawers, the oven, the fires, and the suction hood of the stoves.

The cupboard on top of the stoves, closed
The cupboard opened. Its door opens with a sliding mechanism.

Adjoining the kitchen you find the washroom.

The washroom seen from the kitchen door

The washroom, opposite view: the washing machine (bottom) with the clothes dryer (on top).

The washroom includes the washing machine, with separate clothes dryer, an iron with iron board, a vacuum cleaner. You naturally find all the cleaning utensils (mop, buckets, cloths, duster, floorcloth, rags etc.).

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Rome Spanish Steps Anita large three bedroom apartment

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