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SPANISH STEPS "ANITA" (Via delle Carrozze) -

Rome Spanish Steps apartments
Large elegant 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment in a quiet and charming street right in front of the Spanish Steps. Tastefully furnished and remarkably equipped.

  • Complimentary cell phone
  • 4 colour TV sets with satellite dish
  • Independent central heating
  • Computerised air conditioning
  • Shower with Jacuzzi
  • Washing machine + clothes dryer
  • Dish washer
  • HI-FI stereo (CD player, tuner)
  • American coffee percolator, tea kettle
  • Mixer, orange squeezer, iron, iron board. microwave oven
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Baby cot bed

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Apartment presentation

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The sitting room

The front door of the apartment opens into the ample sitting-dining room. Its main features are two ample sofa beds, a large elegant wooden dining table, and a large bookcase.

Rome Spanish Steps Anita apartment, the sitting room

Sitting room: wide angle view showing the windows. The door to the right leads to the passage room of the second and third bedrooms

Rome Spanish Steps Anita apartment

Sitting room: opposite wide angle view: from left to right the three open doors lead respectively to the passage space of the second and third bedrooms, to the kitchen, and to the corridor leading to the master bedroom



The sitting room is endowed with a table to dine for 6 persons. It is made of thick wood.

Near to it, to the left, you can see the door of a built-in cupboard, where the dishes, glasses, trays, cups can be found.


Large paintings of old masters, fine courtains and two Persian carpets complete the room.

Sitting room, another opposite view, seen from the windows. To the left, behind the sofa you can see the front door.  You can also have a good view of the large bookcase, with many sections

The various sections of the bookcase include - among other items - a 28" colour TV (with satellite aerial to watch English speaking channels), a small yet functional stereo-Hi Fi, with CD player, and finally packs of different types of cards, dices, chips, and the chessboard - please see the photos below.

The games corner of the bookcase: the box with packs of different types of cards, dices, and chips, and the chessboard

Sitting room, detail: the large bookcase, with colour TV, Hi-Fi stereo

The photos below show some details of this area of the property.

The built-in cupboard in the sitting room with fine dishes and cups

The passage space after the sitting room
leading to the second and third double bedrooms

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Rome Spanish Steps Anita large three bedroom apartment

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