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Campo de' Fiori "Rossini": the apartment seen from the Piazza, the piazza seen from the apt., and the adjacent environs


From the apartment one can have a perfect view of the Piazza Campo de' Fiori. Also from the square it is possible to single out the two large windows of the unit, as the photos show. On one hand you can feel that the apartment is truly part of the Piazza. On the other hand, while roaming and shopping in the square, or sipping a drink in a cafe, you will always feel at home.

The apt. (two open windows) seen
from a cafe on the East side


The apt. (two open windows) seen
from the centre of the square

The photos below show some details of what can be seen from the windows of the apartment. Please also refer to the photos giving a broader view of the Piazza from the windows, in the apt. presentation (click the underscored text).

These two photos show views from the windows to the right. The Farnese cinema, providing cult movies (in Italian "Cinema d'Essay") is very near the apartment. It acquired a nearly mythical reputation among the intellectuals of Rome in the 60s and 70s. To the right you can see Via dei Giubbonari, the "uniform makers" street as the name says. Uniforms are not sold anymore, however the street is still renowned for its clothing shops.

Cinema Farnese


Via dei Giubbonari

As mentioned, the Piazza Campo de' Fiori is kaleidoscopic, as it actually has many functions, staging simultaneously. You can watch them for hours and hours from the windows of the apartment. For ex. in the photo below you can see a typical stall of the market. A band of street musicians performed after a few minutes in the very same place.

Typical stall of the market
seen from the apartment


A band of street musicians
performing in the very same place.

Apart from the famous vegetable market and the grocery stores, the square is also a meeting point of intellectuals and a place where cultural events are staged. Nearby there are many famous palazzi, monuments and churches. There are also many restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and tearooms.


A grocery store very near the apartment
(its open windows can be seen to the right).

Rome Campo de Fiori apartment Rossini

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