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Campo de' Fiori "Rossini":
the nice entrance of the palace


From the Piazza Campo de' Fiori one enters the hall of the palace. It is clean, and well appointed. with high-vault wooden beam ceilings, and marble floors. On the left wall there is a medieval freeze.

At the end of the hall to the right the stairs bring to the apartments. The Rossini is situated at the first floor (in Europe, second floor in the USA). The photo to the right shows the stairs, with at its end the door leading to the corridor where the Rossini apt. can be found.

The hall of the palace


The stairs to the apartments

The door to the Rossini is the last one (open in the photo).

Corridor to the apartments


Corridor: detail, the sailing ship

The stairs are not steep. After the door, the corridor leading to the apartments can be found. The corridor is small, yet very well appointed, and stylish. It has cotto floors and high vault wooden beam ceilings. It includes a chest of drawers, with a sailing ship on top.