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The Palazzo Donatelli-Ricci

(a) Via Giulia in the map of G. De Rossi of Rome (1693).
(b) Palazzo Donatelli Ricci

Apart from the churches described in the specific page, in Via Giulia there are sumptuous palazzi, like the Palazzo Sacchetti, and the Palazzo Donatelli-Ricci, where our apartment is situated. Owned by the Sacchetti, a Florentine family, the former palazzo was built by Nanni di Baccio Bigio. The Cardinal's Audience Hall, on the first floor, was decorated by Francesco Salviati. In the above map of 1693, Via Giulia (running from left to right) is seen from the Tiber. The Palazzo Sacchetti and the Donatelli-Ricci, behind it, can be singled out. They are bound by the Authority for the Environmental and Architectural properties.

Palazzo donarelli ricci


A plate on the side reminds their importance (left photo). The two palazzi are remarkable, with a facade adorned by decorated windows. A fine feature are the "finestre inginocchiate" (kneeling ground-floor windows), in which the frame of each window is supported on consoles (right photo).



Photo (b) shows the Palazzo in the intersection between Via Giulia and a quiet side street (Via Sugarelli). The windows of the apartment Julia face this street. They are the four round arch ones to the right, on the second floor (third floor in the USA). As you see, the shape of the windows, typical of the 15th century windows, is different from that of the windows to the left, revealing that the apartment belongs to the most ancient part of the palazzo, two centuries older. The photo also shows that the windows receive sunlight.

The staircase


The courtyard

The palazzo has an ancient mannerly layout. A stair adorned with a statue, fine landings adorned with vases /plants, and austere corridors endowed with furnitures bring to the apt.. There is however also an elevator. The palazzo includes also a courtyard, where the portier has his office (concierge).




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