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Q.  How do I enquire with Roman Homes? How can I know about rental prices?
A.  If you want us to give you advice and price information, please go to this page .
Alternatively, write to us (address: ) and inform us about the following requirements / preferences:
- please indicate us the required SIZE: number of bedrooms, if you need a sitting room etc.
- LOCATION: try to give us precise preferences and to avoid generic locations (for ex. a "central apartment"). This of course if you can, if not we will try to understand.
- SPECIAL PREFERENCES OR REQUIREMENTS: for ex. a terrace, antique furniture, near to a school, ground floor as you cannot climb stairs, air conditioning etc. Please consider that some special features might make the price increase).
- NUMBER OF PERSONS composing the group, *including overnight guests*. Kindly possibly clarify the age of the party members.
- Possibly your BUDGET, i.e. expected maximum cost of the rent. This important detail enables us to consider or search the most suitable accommodation for you. Naturally, it is related to the required quality (if simply nice, elegant or deluxe etc.).
- RENTAL PERIOD, with indication of the dates of arrival and departure, a very important detail, as it determines the AVAILABILITY and also the PRICE (different seasons).
We will reply to you promptly as soon as we receive your message. We will inform you about property availability and prices. Thank you.

Q.  What is included in the price?
A.  The great advantage of our rentals it that prices are ALL INCLUSIVE. There is a BIG difference between an all inclusive price and one made of rent + taxes + utilities + cleaning fees which the large majority (if not all) of proprietors and agencies charge. Our prices include: - paperwork, taxes. - professional assistance upon your arrival (check-in), during your stay, and at your departure (check-out). We will give you information on the quarter: grocery stores, transport etc. cleaning fees (the property must be left though in good order) at the beginning and at the end of the stay, and every week for weekly rentals. - linen/towels/soap bar supply. - in some selected properties, an additional mid-week cleaning and change of linen/towels/soap bar is included in the price. - utility consumption with generous limits or allowances. Electricity: 16-20 kWh daily average for 2 persons, 18-30 kW daily for larger groups - depending on the property. Gas: 2 cubic meters - in Summer, 5/9 MC in Winter, depending on the property. If the limit is exceeded (it is quite unlikely), the excess is paid according to the normal current Italian fares: 0.2 Euros (app. 24 cents) per kWh and 0.7 Euros (app. 0.83 US$) per MC. The electricity and gas consumption allowances are just measures to protect proprietors from abuse caused by tenants, just as our all inclusive price is a way to protect tenants/customers from possible added fees which easily become traps in the rental activity. Beware: the large majority of proprietors and rental agencies in Rome (including foreign ones) will make you pay the utilities at a higher price than it actually costs: 0.3 Euro per kW and 0.8-1 Euro per MC, making a side profit. - Outgoing phone calls are not included, and are billed according to the customary Italian fares (0.11 Euro - app. 13 US cents currently per unit, a standard Italian measure of appr. 4 minutes of local phone calls).

Q.  What other services do you offer? Do you have for ex. a car service?
A.  We offer many side services:
- professional car service, with pick-up at the airport or train station to the apartment or viceversa with courteous, dependable, English speaking driver and comfortable cars. Fares vary depending on the type of car and the distance covered. 
- our car service company can organize daily excursions near Rome (Roman Castles, TIvoli Villa d'Este, Hadrian's Villa etc.), to Umbria (Assisi, Orvieto etc.), to Pompeii, Amalfi, Naples etc. Please visit the sister site about the car service at
- additional professional cleaning (apart from the cleaning included in the price).
- professional baby sitter.

Q.  What is the best season to visit Rome? When is high season?
A.  The Eternal City is desirable all year round, for its unique richness and character. Yet May, June, the first part of July, and also the second part of September and October are highest season. There is great demand in such periods, and consequently prices are higher. It is better booking as early as possible. The same occurs - needless to say - in the Easter, Christmas and New Year's weeks.
Other high season periods are the second part of March, the first part of April, and also the Thanksgiving week (end of November). Practically there are only a few mid-low season periods: January (after the 6th), February (with the exception of St. Valentine's period Feb. 14), the second part of November (with the above mentioned exception of the Thanksgiving week), and finally the first part of December. August is a particular month: it is mid-season for weekly rentals, low season for monthly rentals.

Q.  Can you tell me more about your company? (Roman Homes)

Back in the 90s we were a cultural society of Rome University, which brought us to friendly, constructive international relations with European university members visiting Rome for cultural reasons.
In 2001 we created a service enabling visitors to enjoy the remarkable cultural and tourist resources of Italy while staying in comfortable quality properties, and as they are taken care with attention. The service was prepared until 2003, and it became fully effective in 2004.
We learned that each guest has different requirements, and a different interaction with Italy and its society. We consider our mission meeting these requirements. Our reward - besides from seeing every day satisfied guests - is above all finding along the way many new friends from different corners of the world, bringing our countries together.

Q.  Can properties be inspected?
A.  We are sorry, this is not possible. We are intensely pressurised by both the online assistance and taking care of clients in Rome. Moreover clients already staying in properties do not appreciate the inspections.

Q.  What is the booking and payment procedure?
A.  R: Upon arrival in Rome, you will settle all dues, and you will also leave a security deposit, i.e. a warranty against damage, returned at the end of your stay, before you leave the property if you have not caused damages (its amount varies with the property and the duration of the stay).

Q.  Do you process credit card payment?
A.  We are sorry, we don't  process credit card payments. It has too many "hops" between unknown banks, so it is unsure when payment are actually collected, and they can't be traced along the way,

Q.  How do I settle the payment upon arrival?
A.  Upon arrival at your property, you will settle the rent by means of cash (Euro, official currency of our rentals, or US$ or GBP), or traveller's cheques. As above mentioned, you will leave a security deposit, i.e. a warranty against damage. Its amount varies with the property and the length of the stay. It is returned at the end of your stay, before you leave, if you do not cause damages.

Q.  What is your cancellation policy?
A.  Although it is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements, it does rarely happen and we will advise you at the earliest possible date. If, for any reason beyond our control, the proprietors are unable to provide you with the property you have booked, we will suggest without any commission similar properties. However, if this is not possible, or if you do not wish to be transferred, the proprietors will refund the amount paid in full. The proprietors or us will not be liable for any further obligations or claims by you.

Q.  Can I rent for just a few days? What is the minimum rental period?
A.  We do have very nice apartments in Rome, offered at reasonable prices, but we rent for a minimum stay of one week. The sheer high cost of property in Rome, together with the cost of our business, makes it impossible for us to rent for a shorter term, which would imply a loss of rented days since people usually book weekly periods. Besides, visiting Rome in a just a few days is next to a waste of time, as it takes at least a week to see the abc of the countless monuments or sights. There are more works of art, monuments and sights in Rome then *any European town* and even more than in most European countries put together! When you will visit Rome you will understand why the Romans say that a lifetime is not enough to know it all.  All the ones who visit Rome know well that it cannot be worked seen with a fast tourist visit.
On the other hand we try to be hospitable and flexible. We generally try to put up these people in empty periods between two rentals, please enquire.

Q.  Are your properties in safe locations?
A.  Rome, like any western European town, is a "safe" place. When we Europeans hear this question from Americans we do not understand what they mean, and some would consider it a little offensive. We never use this expression. Sometimes there are a few peripheral quarters were young boys might still mopeds or exceptionally a car. If there is a robbery it is reported in the national news because it is an extraordinary event. It is quite exceptional.
Moreover there is no racism (apart a few fanatics, emargined by all). Only in the poor regions of Southern Italy (which is a different world in its own right) there can be unsafe areas.
The only serious problem one can find in Rome like in any big European town with many tourists is the presence of pickpockets. They are almost never Italian or locals, but poor immigrants (the large majority of the lattter are honest though). Their base seems to be the train station and they hit usually in the public transport means, or by the sights. If one is aware and alert, taking all necessary precautions, they will not harm him / her. Generally speaking, in Europe one can walk everywhere between Rome and Stockholm at any time without being harmed by anybody. We do not usually even think of this problem, although even in Europe there thefts, pickpockets etc. are increasing.

Q.  Do you give references ?

References in Europe are not highly considered for a number of reasons:
-  it is consider that they interfere with the private life of previous tenants of properties. They are hence considered inappropriate, some consider them illegal.
- they are not an international criteria, but rather a frequent North American habit (consequently regional). In Italy, on the contrary it is the potential tenant who must supply references (!) We do not follow both criteria for the same reason (they are not international criteria, but rather regional).
- references above all are a bad criteria: they can be organized dishonestly by bad people in cahoots, telling you all they want.
- on the other hand, as mentioned, they violate the privacy of good people, making them work for us too. This is considered unacceptable in Europe.

Q.  Do you send brochures ?
A.  We have many people enquiring from many countries in the world. Their preferences are very varied, and - applied to a historical town like Rome with thousands facets - they cannot be handled with a brochure, which is quite static. In fact a catalogue could be published possibly twice a year, while our internet site, which is practically our catalogue presently, is changed in some part nearly every day.
Our customers want photos, photos, photos... maps, descriptions, info etc. and we can do this practically by publishing all this in our site (or separately by e-mail), with a very hectic continuous feedback.

Q.  How is the arrival organized ? What happens upon my arrival?

Check-ins are organized *directly at your property*. Some time before arrival (normally 30 days), you should contact us informing us both of your exact arrival time in Rome, and also about by which means you will arrive (train, car, airplane etc.). Depending on this information, we will decide together a time for the check-in at the apartment.
We will also give you all the necessary information about how getting to your property from the airport or train station, with regular taxies or by public transportation, or by using our dependable car service.

You will find more extensive explanations in this page (click the link). Arrival, check-in, departure from your vacation property

Q.  When and how check-out is done? My plane leaves early in the morning. When is check-out performed in these cases?
A.  Check-outs (inspection of the property, return of your security deposit) are performed usually the night before the morning of your departure and reconsignement of the property. It is a simple procedure. The property is inspected briefly about possible damages, the utility meters are checked to see if the allowances were met, and finally possible outgoing phone calls costs are calculated. The security deposit is then returned to you.
We can also book a taxi of car service for you avoiding language problems. Regular taxies and the car service are available also for very early check-outs (i.e. at night). Because the check-out procedure is organized in advance, this helps in case you have to leave early in the morning.

Q.  How can I call you ?

Because we supply free individual assistance by E-mail, please call us during certain times of the day.
Please call (Rome, Italy time): in the morning between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM; in the afternoon between 4:30 and 7:30 pm. Please do not call also on Saturday nights and on Sundays. If you find the line busy, please call after a few minutes.
For your information: Rome time is 6 hours ahead the US Eastern time, 9 hours ahead the US Pacific time, 1 hour ahead London time, 9 hours late compared to Sidney time, and it is the same time of Continental Europe. Click here to find the telephone number

During your stay in our properties, you will be given different phone numbers to call, and you will be able to call us during many hours on business days, including Sat. morning. You will be able to call on weekends should an emergency occur.

Q.  Are there large apartments in Rome's historical centre?
A.  Housing in the centre of the most historical town of the western world (and probably of the world, because although Rome is "only" 2750 y.o. its architectural layout, monuments and sights developed constantly) is very expensive. This makes large apartments very hard to find. Large apartments are "confiscated" by the myriad of embassies, ministries, institutions, foundations, etc. If they belong to very rich people, they do not rent them. The remaining are divided at some stage in smaller apartments, and this happens particularly for those apartments that are bound to rentals (to make more profit with them, as most people require only a one bedroom, one bathroom, sitting room, kitchen). The consequence is that in Rome's historical centre a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment is already a large one.
Yet, since we are among the most active in the historical centre, we have the largest apartments, including three bedroom, two - three bathroom ones.

Q.  How do you get to Pompeii from Rome?
A.  You will find all the answers in this page of our site:
We can also organize a car service to places of interest around Rome (Pompeii, Capri, Amalfi, Assisi, Orvieto, Roman Castles etc.). Please enquire. We also supply information about this matter when you will be in Rome.

Q.  Is there parking in the centre of Rome?

In Rome's centre, i.e. the centre of the most historical town in the world, parking is a problem. Even to enter in the centre with a car you need to prove that you are a permanent resident of those quarters, and it takes a long time to have the permit even if you have these requirements. There are also no garages in the very central areas, but in quarters near the centre. The general attitude of both the authority and the people is to put every day new restrictions to cars and to car parking.
Probably the best thing to do is to park your car in a private garage, and forget it using the excellent public transport and your feet to walk to all the sights nearby (they will be just around you). Circulating in Rome - remember - is next to suicidal, because of the chaotic traffic and lack of parking. Also Romans have the same parking problem, not only the tourists.
The nearest garages, at the edge of the historical centre, are also very expensive (about 30 Euro or more per day - app. 48 $).  Another garage is that of the Italian Automobile Club which is by the train station Termini, having the same cost.
Finally, it is stressful and time consuming to go back and forth to these garages to pick-up the car in Rome every day. The only possible use of a car is if you want to visit the sights near Rome, for ex. for Umbria or Pompeii, Hadrian's Villa or Tivoli - but there are better solutions for this requirement too. You can have more information on this point in this page of our site:

Q.  Is there a special Christmas / New Year booking policy?
A.  During the end the year, beginning of the year holidays we have a specific booking policy: rentals follow the Saturday to Saturday provision (this year Dec. 20 - 27 and Dec. 27 - Jan. 3, 2006. We must do this because in this period there are three holidays: Christmas, New Year and Epiphany (January 6th).
The groups coming for Christmas would like to stay until the 31th or so, the ones coming for New Year would like to come just after Xmas. So the requested periods of the two groups overlap. We would not be able to rent to all if we do not set a rental provision.


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