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Of all the services we tried, we think this is the most efficient and cost-effective.

"EMEF" of Fanuel Morelli, in Via San Nicola da Tolentino 58, near Piazza Barberini (trasport: Metro line A there is a stop nearby, and also bus 492, 62). Tel. 064745434 Fax 06744918.

Fares: Daily 8 Euros (7.8 US$), plus the cost of the phone calls you make (cell phone calls are more expensive than ordinary ones).

However nowadays it is best to simply purchase an Italian phone card, called "scheda telefonica" in Italian, for a few Euros, which already comes with a credit of a few Euro (you can also recharge it later). You will be able to use it every time you will visit Italy.

Remember, you need to tell your folks and friends at home that the Italian country code is +39 (from the USA they have to dial 01139 before your Italian cell phon number, while from the other countries they should dial 0039.

A cell phone will be most useful during your stay in Italy to contact and especially to be contacted by the service providers you entrusted, for ex. the owners or agents of your apartment or villa rental in case you need assistance, or to communicate with tourist guides, to book restaurants etc.

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