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Rome laptop (portable computer) rentals

We advise against renting a laptop in Rome. Very few shops do it. If you call them the phone is frequently busy. When you to the shops expect to find many customers, so you will have to wait. They usually ask a consistent security deposit. The best one we found is:

OLAM Computers: Via Giovanni Mingazzini 18. Tel. 06 4440077 (when you hear a recorded message, dial 10. Closed of weekends). Ask of Mr. Teshuba. The laptop will cost you app. 150 US$ weekly. It is completely equipped to hook to the internet. If you finally manage to speak with them at the phone, they could possibly deliver it to you at your apartment or hotel. Make sure that they explain to you the cost of the security deposit, and the way you will be able to leave it (US$ cash, traveller's cheques etc.).

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