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Roma Champion 2001!

Motorcades, people plunging in the fountains, crowds dancing in the streets, cars honking everywhere... It's not the revolution, it's Roma winning the Italian football championship again, after 18 years!

The Italian football championship is considered the most complex and hard to win. All the best international players and trainers participate in it. 

The northern teams of Milan (Inter and Milan) and of Turin (Juventus) dominated in the past, however recently the teams of Rome ("Lazio" and "Roma", archrivals between themselves) are doing well.
Although Lazio was the first team to be founded in Rome (1900) and Roma was founded only in 1922, it is the most popular team of the Eternal City. Dubbed "La magica" (The magic), it is specially the team of the working class. Its strongholds are in fact the quarters Testaccio and Trastevere.

Roma fans dressed like Roman soldiers

Fan dressed as Roman soldier

Roma fans plungins in the fountains

Fans in the fountains
of Piazza del Popolo

The joy and the celebration of the last victory was memorable: one million (!) people celebrated in the streets with the yellow and red flags of Roma. There were all sort of fans and people dancing in the streets: grannies with infants, fans dressed with all sorts of garments, even dogs had the Roma shirt on! The joy is even greater as Roma defeated Juventus (the team which won more titles), but above all the archrivals "cousins" of  Lazio, who will be scoffed at for one full year.

The celebrations went on nonstop for one week, with motorcades, fireworks, concerts, and shows.

proud fan of Roma

A proud fan of Roma.

The final event was a concert with Antonello Venditti, one of Rome's most popular "cantautori" (composers who sing their own compositions), and other artists who are fans of Roma (including actress Sabrina Ferilli who kept her promise to strip-tease, and Claudio Verdone) at the Circo Massimo (the ancient Ben Hur carriages track), with one million fans attending.
The atmosphere was extremely joyful and poetic, as Roma is truly dear to the very imaginative and sweet hearts of the Romans.

A dog fan of Roma

"Zezzo", a dog-fan

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Roma football champion 2001

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