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Campo de' Fiori - Jewish Ghetto

The Turtles Nest

Terrace panoramic South view

Finest three bedroom two bathroom apartment with sitting room, dining room, panoramic terrace / roof garden with views, BBQ and additional kitchen, in an elegant historical palace facing the famous Tortoise fountain. Excellent fittings and equipment. Elevator.

    • Elevator
    • Air conditioning
    • 4 Colour TV sets with with satellite dish to watch English and intl' channels
    • Internet Wi-Fi high speed internet
    • DVD possibly combined with Bluetooth, Hi-Fi Stereo
    • Self-regulated heating
    • Fully equipped kitchen + second kitchen and BBQ in the terrace
    • Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave
    • American coffee percolator, Italian coffee pots
    • Normal landline telephone


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SOUTH VIEW - see also the North - East view

PANORAMIC PHOTO of Old Rome centre seen from the Turtles Nest apartment terrace of Palazzo Costaguti: South - East.

The view rotates automatically. You can also zoom in and out using the + and - controls. To reset the view, use theRome Palazzo Costaguti Turtles Nest terraced panoamic apartmentcontrol.

The view begins with the imposing dome of the Chiesa del Gesù (Jesus Church, main church of the Jesuite order), behind it you can see parts of the Quirinale Palace, then some of the towers of Palazzo Venezia (where from Mussolini made his speeches). This part of the view ends with the high palace Palazzo Mattei (built in front of the famous Turtle Fountain).
There follows the Capitoline Hill, including the Victor Emanuel Monument ("Vittoriale" dedicated to King Victor Emmanuel II, the first king who reunited Italy in 1861) also called Altare della Patria or Altar of the Fatherland as it hosts the remains of the unknown soldier of WW1, and dubbed "Wedding cake" or "Typewriter"), the Church of Ara Coeli ("Altar of the Sky"), and the centre of Capitoline Hill, the centre of Rome since its foundation (April 21, 753 BC) where you find Rome's Municipality (it is the building with a high tower-belfry) where there stood in ancient times the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Near to it you find and you can see the Capitoline Museum and the Palazzo Conservatori. The high pine trees that follow are part of Palatine Hill (giving the origin to the word "palace").
You can see then the Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli (large, and in the forefront), the dome and roof of the Abbey of St. Ambrose, the Roman Castles or Alban Hills where from the Latin and Roman civilization originated, the Marcellus Theatre (on top of which some buildings were built in the Middle Age), the main Jewish Synagogue (officially "Il Tempio" or The Temple for the Roman Jews), with its surrounding trees, flanking the Tiber River.

See also the North - East view

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Campo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter Tortoises

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