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Campo de' Fiori - Jewish quarter

The Turtles Nest:


Finest three bedroom two bathroom apartment with sitting room, dining room, panoramic terrace / roof garden with views, BBQ and additional kitchen, in an elegant historical palace facing the famous Tortoise fountain. Excellent fittings and equipment. Elevator.

    • Elevator
    • Air conditioning
    • 4 Colour TV sets with with satellite dish to watch English and intl' channels
    • Internet Wi-Fi high speed internet
    • DVD possibly combined with Bluetooth, Hi-Fi Stereo
    • Self-regulated heating
    • Fully equipped kitchen + second kitchen and BBQ in the terrace
    • Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave
    • American coffee percolator, Italian coffee pots
    • Normal landline telephone

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Hardly any place in Old Rome is more central, characteristic, meaningful, beautiful and in a more pleasant neighbourhood than Piazza Mattei.

It is perfectly nestled between Campo de' Fiori, the Jewish Quarter (the famous Ghetto), the Pantheon and the Roman Forum. All these famous and iconic locations are literally at a stone's throw.

Piazza Mattei, the Turtle Fountain, and Palazzo Costaguti.

The square is a perfect example of Italian Renaissance architecture: wonderful "palazzi", harmonious lines, perfect geometrical perspective, beautiful décor, and as final touch one of the most famous and charming Italian fountains: the Turtle Fountain (Fontana delle Tartarughe, in Italian). Ended built in 1588 by Taddeo Landini, originally it had eight dolphins. Four dolphins were replaced by the four turtles only 60 years after.
There are four copies of the fountain only in the USA!



The wonderful terrace of the Turtles Nest, with stunning panoramic views of Rome.

It is endowed with table and chairs for meals "al fresco", sitting area, BBQ.

Click here to see more photos on the terrace / roof garden, the BBQ, and the additional, separate kitchen, which will avoid you going back and forth to the apartment kitchen to cook or store / prepare drinks etc.


Turtles Nest terrace with Rome views of domes and sights



The terrace is endowed with a comfortable sitting area with table, which is perfect to hobnob while drinking a glass of wine or an aperitif surrounded by Rome's history and views.

In this particular picture you can see in the background the Capitol and Palatine hills, and also the Church Santa Maria in Campitelli.

In addition to a dedicated kitchen, separate from the one of the apartment, the terrace is also endowed with BBQ and a sink to clean dishes on the spot.



These are some of the views you can see from the terrace.

Click here to see more photos of the views you can see!

You can also click here for videos of the sights you can see from the terrace:

Video n. 1: North-West panoramic view

Video n. 2: South-East panoramic view




Overall view of the dining room (forefront), of the kitchen (left door), and of the sitting room (right side of the photo, in the background), which overlooks the famous Turtle Fountain.


View of the sitting room, as you sit on its sofas. The room to the left is the second matrimonial bedroom. Notice the tasteful and attentive furniture, fittings and decorations. The personality portrayed in the painting is an ancestor of the Costaguti family. Notice also the wonderful cotto floor and the original 16th century wooden beamed ceilings.

The sitting room also has great entertainment equipment:

- large screen, HD LCD colour TV with satellite dish to watch English speaking channels (CNN, Fox News, BBC and others), and also intl' channels in many languages;

- DVD that you can combine with your decive through bluetooth technology;

- Stereo

- the property also has fast speed internet Wi-Fi connection, 24/7


Yet the highlight, the true star of the apartment, is the view one can have from its windows.



It is not a Renaissance painting, it is the view you have from the windows of Piazza Mattei and of the Turtle Fountain!

The perfect perspective and harmonious geometrical lines of the palaces, the marvellous and charming fountain, the Old Rome feel, all this appear from the windows, and they will be your backdrop painting at all times.


View as you look from the windows.

In the middle of the photo, the Turtle Fountain (by Taddeo Landing and Giacomo della Porta, built 1581-1588), with tourists watching it and taking pictures of it 24/7!

Together with the Trevi Fountain and the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona, it is Rome's most famous. It is also copied around the world. There are four copies of it only in the United States (the most beautiful one is in San Francisco).

To the left you find Palazzo Mattei, another famous historical palace. The little street to the right, where you find most tourists in this picture (in the shade to protect themselves from sun rays in this photo) is Via della Reginella, which is already inside Rome's fabled Jewish Ghetto.



Opposite view of the sitting room, towards the dining room.

You can have a better view of the tapestry on the walls, and of the wonderful 16th century wooden beams high ceiling.

The sofa can accommodate comfortably 5-6 persons.


Opposite photo of the dining room. It can comfortably sit 6 persons.

It is a fine space where having meals in an quiet and elegant ambience.

This room, and the apartment is provided with high quality chinaware, glasses and cutlery, which can be found in the two wooden and glass cupboards.



The master bedroom seen from its entry door.

It is ample, with suffused light thanks to its fine courtains. Notice the cotto floor, the wooden beam ceilings.

The bed is ample, larger than most Italian beds (in particular the mattress is 2 meters long, i.e. 79 inches or 6.6 Ft.).

The room is endowed with a nice table to write or have tea or breakfast (though the apartment has plenty of other tables for this purpose).


Top photo: diagonal, opposite photo of the previous one of the master bedroom. You can clearly see the entry door, the spacious chest of drawers, the ample wardrobe, and in general the charm and elegance of this room. You can also see the large screen HD LCD TV.

Right photo: The inviting corridor leading to the master bedroom. The first door to the left is of its bathroom.




Another view of the master bedroom, this time taken near the wardrobe, to give a sense of the room layout and measures.




The second matrimonial bedroom is immaculate, and has a great Italian style.

It also has the same backdrop window view of Piazza Mattei and of the Turtle Fountain.

In summer, at night, if you open the window the fountain will become your lullaby!

The room is endowed with a HD LCD colour TV.



Opposite view of the second matrimonial bedroom, showing some of its fine elements.

In particular you can see its table and chair, which is a cozy place to write cards, to use your laptop, or to have tea or breakfast. You can also see the ample built-in closet, and a full-length mirror, most useful when one has to dress and prepare.




The twin beds room is elegant, but most importantly it is functional.

In fact has a rather long shape, so the two beds are not only separate but distant, enabling more privacy to its occupants.

As you can see from this photo, the room is endowed with a full-length mirror, useful when one has to dress and prepare, and also a table to write cards, use laptop etc.

This room is also endowed with a balcony not shown in the photo, which is most useful for fresh air, and also to possibly dry clothes with a drying rack which is provided.



Opposite photo of the twin beds room.

This photo shows in particular its two finest built-in closets. They are endowed with internal lights. One of them also includes a safe.


The kitchen seen from its entry door.

It is spacious, and perfectly organized.

In this photo you can see its long and well equipped counter, with many cabinets and appliances. You can also see its window, facing Via dei Falegnami, and the table, which can comfortably sit 4 persons, or more.

Notice the usual ancient wooden beams high ceilings.


Opposite view of the kitchen.

It enables to see on the left side the ample cupboards where you find pots, pans and various utensils, and also the ample and brand new fridge / freezer.

You can also have a better idea of the room layout.



Front view of the kitchen cabinets and counter.

As you can notice, there are many cabinets and drawers. The kitchen in fact has a complete equipment: cutlery, pots, pans, and all sort of utensils: colanders, strainers, large spoons etc.

Moreover the kitchen includes:

- ample stoves / fires, easy to use;

- large electric oven, easy to use and with clear instructions;

- dishwasher;

- microwave, of latest generation;

- Italian coffee pots and American coffee percolator.



The apartment has two impeccable, immaculate bathrooms.

The bathroom shown to the right is close to the master bedroom.

Although it is generally used by the guests staying in this room, because it is near to it, it can also be accessed by the other guests of the apartment through its little and elegant corridor.

As you can see, this bathroom is endowed with a bathtub and a hand-held shower. However the shower can be fixed on a hook on the wall, and it also has a glass shield to prevent water sprays to reach the floor. Practically, the bathtub transforms then into a shower enclosure.





View of the other side of the bathroom, showing its elegant sink, mounted on a furniture including a drawer, and also its bidet and toilet.

Ther are also many hangers for towels and for underclothes.


The second bathroom is equally sparkling and with beautiful design and fittings. It also includes sink, furniture with drawer supporting it, toilet, mirror, hangers for towels and underclothes.

Finally, it includes a spacious and functional shower enclosure, shown to the right. The shower can be handl-held or fixen on a hanger, at leisure.


The apartment foyer (lobby) is spacious, elegant and provided with many built-in closets to store your belongings, and with shelves to lay your keys or daily objects.

The photo to the right shows what you can see immediately as you walk in, past the entry door.

Notice also the large, elegant mirror, and the painting on the wall. It is of modern style, and it features turtles, which are the main theme of this beautiful property.


The photo to the right shows a wide-angle view of the foyer (lobby) to the left, and of the apartment main corridor to the right.

You can also see some fine details: the apartment circuit breakers (left) and also the electronic device propagating the Wi-Fi signal in this part of the property (it generated the blue light you can see in the bottom left part of the photo).

The corridor that you can see to the right leads first to the twin beds room (first door on the left), then finally to the rest of the apartment, to the right when it ends.

The last door that can be seen in this photo is that of the second bathroom.

Campo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter Tortoises

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