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Spanish Steps (Via della Croce): "Leonardo" -
Master bedroom, master bathroom, second corridor and kitchen

A large, fine, well appointed three double bedroom, sitting room, two bathrooms apartment with charming patio to dine "al fresco", accommodating up to six persons, near the Spanish Steps.

  • quality air conditioning *and* ceiling ventilators in every room
  • large Sony "Bravia" 37 inches colour TV
  • satellite aerial for intl. and English-speaking channels
  • Sony stereo Hi-Fi
  • free 24/7 fast WI-FI internet connection
  • normal landline telephone
  • washing machine
  • modern heating regulated at leisure
  • Italian coffee pots and American coffee percolator
  • baby cot bed

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Apartment presentation

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The master bedroom is sitated at the end of the first corridor. It is ample, *silent* (as it occurs with all this property). Its windows face a secluded, silent green internal court of the palace, endowed with many plants (especially palm trees and wisteria).

Master bedroom

The master bedroom includes a matrimonial double bed upholstered according to Louis 16th, with on top a fine and large tapestry. The bedside tables are made of mahogany with bronze trimmings, just like the chest of drawers.

Master bedroom, opposite view

In this opposite photo you can see other aspects of this room: the chest of drawers, a comfortable armchair upholstered with gilded velvet, a crystal chandelier, a sofa (following King Louis 16th style),a stool, and fine paintings.


As shown in the above photo, two wooden doors lead to the sitting room. However both the bedroom and the sitting room can be accessed through separate, additional from the corridor.

As it occurs in all the rooms, the master bedroom includes air conditioning and wall mounted ventilator (with speed regulator), generating a pleasant breeze.

The sitting-dining room and the master bedroom are flanked to the side by the second corridor of the apartment (right photo). It is bright (with two windows) and elegant, and through it one can enter the master bedroom (through the first door to the right in the above photo), and also the master bathroom (door to the right, in this photo), and finally the sitting room (door to the left, in this photo).

Right: second corridor, to the right you can see the master bathroom door. To the left, you can see indistinctly the door leading to the sitting room.

The master bathroom has a bathtub with hand-held shower, a large sink, the bidet and the toilet.


The bathroom has its own window (not visible in the photos below, yet it can be seen in the above photo, you can single it out from the bathroom door to the right).

The taps, the shower knobs, and the shower are made of very fine chiseled brass.

Master bathroom, seen from its door

The bathroom has also walnut wood paneling, and it is thus elegant.


Naturally, one the side of the bathtub and of the shower, the wooden paneling gives place to marble tiles, which are water proof.

Right photo: Master bathroom, once inside, lateral view to the right, to see the bathtub

The bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer (visible in the photo), and it naturally has sockets to plug-in appliances (razor etc.). The voltage, as it occurs in all Europe, is 220 V. If you have American or British type plugs, you will need also an adapter for the plugs (which we supply, and it cal also purchased in shops near the apartment).

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Spanish Steps Leonardo 3 bedroom apartment with terrace Rome

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