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Spanish Steps (Via Mario Fiori): "Fellini"

An elegant studio, with separate kitchen.

  • Telephone,
  • colour TV,
  • autonomous heating,
  • Italian coffee pots and American coffee percolator.

The entrance of palace leads to a small, quiet internal court, giving access to a few apartments, including the "Fellini", whose door you see open.
After the fine wooden door of the apt., one can see the little foyer and most spaces of the fine studio.


Entrance: the small court


The door / entrance of the apt.


To the left you can see the sitting area, which is surrounded on all sides by ample built-in wardrobes, and also by a fine mirror. The double sofa bed is very comfortable as it has a thick mattress.

The double sofa bed


The wall with the glass

In front of sofa there is a small table, and a Persian carpet. As one turns to the right, one finds a first small table with chair, a large mirror with a fine painting of an old master.

As one keeps turning to the right one finds a fine wooden table with chairs for 4 persons, near a large window overlooking a silent and bright internal court. As you can see, a large bookcase, also including a colour TV can be found in the final side of this room.


The table and the window


The side with the chest of drawers and mirrors


You can also see in the background (on the left side of the photo) the small foyer with the little corridor leading to the bathroom, and (on the right side of the photo) the fine chest of drawers with mirror, a fine painting, and the kitchen door.

From the last photo on this room (right), you can have a better view of the wooden table, and also an opposite view of the sofa bed.

The dining area includes an ample glass table and chairs for six persons. The legs of the table are made of ancient stone capitels. A chandelier and fine paintings complete the room.


The foyer and the kitchen door


Opposite photo of the sitting room





Our PRICES are ALL INCLUSIVE. They include: rent, agency commission, cleaning fees (with linen / towels / soap supply), check-in/out done by a professional assistant, assistance during your stay, utility consumption of gas and electricity with generous limits.

Our quality properties are carefully selected, prepared and maintained.

We handle every aspect directly and personally. We are not an internet "portal", nor intermediaries: we don't "collect" many properties just to book them, cash commissions and pass on to others giving poor service: we only have limited selected properties to ensure attentive service. We will follow you in every stage and detail: extensive e-mail property and travel guidance before renting, check-in/out and assistance during the rental.

We are based in Rome, and we also prepare many side services and daily excursions.

Rome Spanish Steps apartments Studio Fellini

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