Vatican-Prati (Via Silvio Pellico)
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Rented long term

A well appointed one bedroom apartment accommodating up to 5 persons.

  • telephone,
  • colour tv,
  • air conditioning,
  • washing machine,
  • autonomous heat

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Rome apartment building view
Building external view

Prati, the quarter adjacent to the Vatican, is quite mannerly, as many palaces were built to host the dignitaries of the new Italian Kingdom (AD 1860). It is nested in the loop of the Tiber as the river crosses Rome, so it is practically nested exactly between the most central quarters of the historical centre, very close to Piazza del Popolo and to Piazza Navona. For this reason it is the quarter of choice of professionals (lawyers, physicians etc.) who appreciate its central position and its facilities, inexistent or old in the other areas of the centre.

palace foyer

The hall of the palace

The apt. is 75 sq. mts (ap. 780 sq. ft.) and it is at the first floor with elevator. It is a bit higher than a first floor as the ground floor is raised. It is normally bright. In the picture you can see the facade of the building: the three windows of the flat are shown: they are at the first floor, near to the right corner of the building.
apartment door

Landing and front door of the apt. Notice the elevator (left).

Although the apt. is at the first floor (it would be the second floor in the USA), the elevator is useful especially upon your arrival to carry all the luggage, and also when you return from your shopping from the nearby open markets or grocery stores, to lift your bags.

apartment corridor

Apartment main corridor


After the front door, a corridor runs along the entire apartment, and from it one has access to all the rooms. The corridor has wardrobes with useful house articles (towels, tablecloths etc.) in generous quantity.

The corridor is made of two sections, separated by a wooden door. The first section, nearer to the front door and to the foyer, includes the kitchen and the bathroom. The second section includes the master bedroom and the sitting room.

The corridor, and all the apt. has old fashioned pastel-colour tiles. The corridor is endowed with Persian carpets, fine paintings, old prints, and a mirror.


main corridor

Main corridor - opposite view

In the second section of the corridor, the first room to the right is the sitting room, which also works as study, and - for larger parties - as a second bedroom.

sitting room
Sitting room
sitting room view
Sitting room - opposite view

In fact the sitting room has two sofa beds, each for one or also two persons It also includes and a nice desk to study. A wardrobe, an armchair, a 25 inches colour tv can be found, nice paintings, shelves, a Persian carpet complete the room.

another view of the sitting room

Sitting room

The bedroom, situated at the end of the corridor, is a large room, and has two large windows.

double bedroom
Double bedroom seen from its door
double bedroom view
Double bedroom - opposite view

This room is appr. 25 square meters large (260 square feet), and it includes a king size bed, an extra sofa bed (large, for one person), a large wardrobe, a small table, and finally a revolving desk with chairs. Simple yet fine paintings and lamps complete the room.
It is noteworthy that all windows of the apt. have double glazing, to ensure quiet.
another view of the bedroom

Double bedroom - another opposite view

Rome Prati apartment kitchen

The kitchen is ample and it includes a nice table with chairs to dine. This is becoming rare in the centre, as most normal sized kitchens are transformed at some stage in bedrooms, to maximize profit. A kitchenette is prepared somewhere in the apt., and normal kitchens are disappearing. The kitchen has many cupboards, an ample sink, a fridge, and a new washing machine. It is equipped with dishes, cutlery, pots, pans etc.

The apt. has normal landline telephone, colour tv, air conditioning, and new washing machine.

The sparkless bathroom includes a bathtub with hand-held shower, and hot water is generated by means of a gas heater, so it is plentiful at all times. The toilet, sink, and bidet complete the room.

The apartment is ideal for 2-3 persons, yet it can accommodate up to 5 persons.


Rented long term

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Rome apartment Prati near the Vatican

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