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In our site, you find *three key pages* to help you finding the Rome apartments and villas suiting you:

(1) The NAVIGATION PAGE (this page). Explore properties based on:
(a) LOCATION (map below). Click on a central quarter, you will go to its presentation, with index of local apartments.
(b) APARTMENT or villa TYPE, based on size/quality (lower part of this page).
(2) You want to see ALL the APARTMENTS and VILLAS listed? Visit the LISTINGS page. (3) The INTELLI-SEARCH & INQUIRE PAGE: find the suitable apartments with our search engine, and inquire through the search engine inquiry form.
Is it difficult finding your ideal property, or you are confused? Do you PREFER INQUIRING PERSONALLY with an expert, carefully and swiftly reviewing your needs? Please go to the PERSONAL INQUIRY PAGE.

We also recommend that you visit the following pages:

- Rome quarters comparison, with rationale on choosing the right location and apartment

- The most common pitfalls occurring with Rome vacation rental agencies

(a) NAVIGATE by QUARTER or LOCATION: click-select the quarters in the map below.

Italy - Rome region - Rome centre

Click on the thumbnails of the maps of Italy / Rome region / Rome centre
to find the properties available in these locations.

in the categories below.

- Studios - Standard one bedroom apt.
- Quality one bedroom apt.

- Standard two bedroom apt. - Standard three bedroom apt.
- Standard multi-bedroom apt.
- Quality two bedroom apt. - Quality three bedroom apt. - Quality multi-bedroom apt.

- Top floor panoramic attics with terrace

- Villas near Rome - Villas in Umbria

     ## Apartments or villas found Sorted by name [A-Z]

Just click on the apartment or villa types below, and the properties of each type will appear listed.

  Please look in more than one category, as the property suiting you best might be in a different category. For ex. if a "Quality two bedroom apartment" has a terrace, it might belong to the category "Top floor panoramic attics with terrace", so please look also there. We recommend that you also click more quarters from the above map.  
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