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Piazza Navona are quarter

Navona 4 bedroom attic with 2 terraces and 360 degrees panoramic Rome views


Designer five bedroom four bathrooms apartment with sitting room, dining room, two expansive terraces / roof garden endowed with 360 degrees panoramic views of nearly all Rome's sights. Elevator.

  • Telephone
  • colour TV with satellite dish
  • air conditioning
  • elevator
  • washing machine, clothes dryer
  • dishwasher
  • autonomous heating
  • American coffee percolator
  • microwave oven
  • Internet Wi-Fi high speed connection


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The second, higher terrace has incredible 360 degrees panoramic views of all Rome's sights.

It is also endowed with a small table to have a glass of wine or breakfast amidst Rome's domes.


Opposite view of the same terrace. You can see in the background the Janiculum, the Chiesa Nuova, and the Vatican (among other sights). The monuments and sights will look closer than in this photo, in which a wide-angle lens was used, making apparently all objects distant.



The fifth bedroom of the apartment, with en-suite bathroom. It is situated beneath the second highest terrace.


The same room, seen from its door.


From the window of the rooms (right photo) you have a beautiful view of old Rome's roofs and domes.

In the VIEWER below you can see all the sights, monuments, hills and churches that can be seen from the terraces of the attic.

Please be a little patient as the photo is a large file, it takes appr. 10 seconds to download. To see all the sights of the panorama, just put the mouse over the photo, and while pressing it, move it to the left or right (or also up and down!), and the photo will rotate accordingly.

Among the countless sights you can see: Piazza Navona St. Agnese church (dome and belfry), the shell-wise dome of St. Ivo alla Sapienza, the Altar of the Fatherland (Victor Emmanuel monument), the Church of Jesus, Palazzo Altieri, the Quirinale Palace (the palace of the Popes, then of the King of Italy, now of the President), the Borghese Gardens, Villa Medici (French Academy), the Pincio Gardens, the Villa Malta, the Palace of Justice, the Monte Mario Hill, Castel St. Angelo, the Farnesina Palace, the Vatican Palaces (including those with the Sistine Chapel), St. Peter's Basilica, the Tower Clock (Torre dell'Orologio by Francesco Borromini), the Church Chiesa della Pace, the Church of San Salvatore in Lauro, the Janiculum Hill (lighthouse of Manfredii, the statue of Garibaldi overlooking Rome, St. Peter in Montorio, the Pauline Fountain), the Church Chiesa Nuova, the Church of St. Paul at the EUR, the Palazzo Farnese - and many others - naturally, also lots of old Rome's roofs!

If you want to see all the sights, domes and monuments you can single out from the terraces, please click here.