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Rome's main airport FIUMICINO (also called "Leonardo da Vinci" or FCO in airline tickests) is 38 kilometers (23 miles) far from downtown. The second airport, CIAMPINO (also written CIO or CNO in airline tickets) is nearer to town, but the roads near it have more traffic. It takes 40-50 minutes to drive into the centre (in very busy traffic days even more).

If you arrive by train, there are three main stations in Rome: Termini (main), Ostiense and Tiburtina. The first is not far from the centre, yet the car service will be very useful to find your way and to avoid getting lost in the big confusion (it is one of Europe's largest stations).

The car service is extremely professional, attentive and courteous. There are many advantages:
- The driver will wait for you just out of the customs area at the airport, or at the beginning of the track in the train station, with a board with your name.
- Taxis cannot be booked (if not 24 hours before) and they are frequently on strike.
- The driver will bring you straight to your destination knowing exactly where to go.
- He will be in constant phone feedback with the office and with the assistant checking you at your apartment or villa, exchanging information on possible delays, or problems you might encounter. The driver will also possibly inform you about the daily excursions that we can organize to Pompeii, Tivoli, the Roman Castles, Sorrento, Amalfi etc.
- Moreover, the cars have air conditioning, the chauffers are very professional and English-speaking. Finally, as mentioned, they have complete knowledge of the Roman Homes properties, and naturally of Rome.
In conclusion, the service is personal, dependable, comfortable and knowledgeable!

Remember that also with taxies you pay supplements for every suitcase, and also for service on Sundays and holidays, and so you probably end-up paying more. Besides, you would have to walk all the way to the taxi stand in the airport or train station, and the taxi would have to find the property you are renting! This means wasting time and strain.

Please fill in the car service below to order. The organization / reservation of the car service is complimentary for the Roman Homes customers, yet to benefit from it, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it is required that you fill-out the car service inquiry form, at least 48 hours before arrival.


Prices vary depending on the number of persons, the car used, if it is an arrival or return service, and if you use both services (for which you will benefit from a discount, making it cost like a taxi).

(a) if you are up to 3 persons
(b) if you are up to 6 persons (or 4 but loaded with luggage)
(c) if you are up to 8 persons

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(A) IF YOU ARE UP TO 3 PERSONS and you have a maximum of 3 normal suitcases and 3 small personal bags (not more, or not bigger, they would not fit in!), a regular deluxe Mercedes sedan will be enough:

- From the airport to the apartment or return the price is 60 Euro (app. 80 US$). The car is a large and elegant Deluxe Standard Mercedes (blue colour).
- From the train station (or return) the price is 50 Euro (app. 50 US$).

(B) IF YOU ARE UP TO 6 PERSONS, and if you have up to 6 (normal!) suitcases and 6 small personal bags, you will need a VAN.
- The service from the airport to the apartment or return will cost you 80 Euro (app. 105 US$). The car will be either a Mercedes Van, or a Chrysler Van.
- From the train station (or return) the price is 45 Euro (app. 65 US$).

(C) IF YOU ARE UP TO 8 PERSONS, or if you have up to 10 suitcases, and up to 10 personal bags, you will need a MINIBUS.
- From the airport to the apartment, or return, the price is 95 Euro (app. 137 US$).
- From the train station (or return) the price is 55 Euro (app. 79 US$).

EARLY / LATE SERVICE: Before 7 am and after 10 pm there is a supplement of 20%. As opposed to taxies, there are no supplements for luggage transport (within the limits explained above), and there is no supplement also for service on Sunday and holidays.


AIRPORT: The chauffer will be checking for you at the scheduled arrival time and will wait for you until you exit customs or the gate. Until 45 minutes from your scheduled arrival, or *also from the re-scheduled arrival time following the information of the airline company*, there is no supplement. This will give you enough time to clear all arrival formalities, collect your luggage, get out of the gate and look for the driver having a board with your name.
After this time there is a waiting supplement of 20 Euro (appr. 29 US$) per hour, prorated for the waiting time (for ex. half hour costs 10 Euro). The reason is that the driver will have to pay parking fees, and his time, to wait for you. It is also a measure to stimulate some customers who take it really easy (they go to the bar, have endless talks with the airline company about their luggage etc.).
In case your luggage is lost by the airline company, you should immediately inform the driver by showing up at the gate, looking for him (he iwill be right there with a board with your name). If you will have to wait to collect your luggage because the airline company has problems (can't find them, lost etc.) the waiting supplement after 45 minutes will apply nevertheless. In such cases the airline company will deliver the luggage at your address downtown, so just give them your address. The waiting supplement after 45 minutes in these cases still applies because the chauffer will have to dedicate his working time nevertheless. It is also a measure to prevent situations that drivers experienced in such cases, i.e. that some customers will want to stay at the airport possibly a few hours waiting for the next airplane maybe carrying the luggage. So please just hand the address to the airline company, and use the car service: the luggage will be delivered to you downtown by the airline. If you want to wait for hours at the airport, then you should pay to the driver the waiting fee, or just get out of the gate, pay the normal service, and ask him to leave. However all these circumstances are unlikely.

TRAIN STATION: the policy is the same of the airport arrivals, yet the waiting allowance time is 25 minutes (not 45 minutes).

Upon request we can organize transports to any other location.

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