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Tradition, art and nature converge in Umbria to make this region one of the most picturesque and culturally significant parts of Italy. Dotted with towns of ancient and medieval origins, evidence of Umbria's long history can still be seen in its architecture, various locally produced handicraft, as well as the folkloric and historic celebrations that take place year-round.


Umbria - Gubbio detailed map

Perhaps the most important centre of this region of Italy is the town of Gubbio, located 15 km from the property, situated circa 500m above sea level, and buttressed by the Appenine hills. Gubbio represents the height of medieval civilisation and walking through its streets one can see that all its historical characteristics have remained intact. Among some of the more important monuments that you will find there are:

PALAZZO DEI CONSOLI, built between 1332 and 1337 and today houses the Civic Museum and the Picture Gallery, containing works by local and Tuscan artists.

PALAZZO DUCALE, restructured at the end of the 15th century, typical of Renaissance-style architecture.

CHURCH OF SAN FRANCESCO, built in the Gothic style in the 13th Century.

THE BASILICA OF SANT'UBALDO: dedicated to Saint Ubaldo, bishop and patron Saint of Gubbio. Built in the medieval period, and then expanded in 1514, it is comprised of a beautiful16th century portal as well as a Franciscan cloister.

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