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Monte Porzio Villa - garden

(a) Views from the garden: Montecompatri

(b) Views from the garden: Colonna

As mentioned, the house is about 200 sq. Mts. large (2,100 sq. ft.). It includes a large garden with shade trees and rare plants. It includes also 4,000 sq. Mts. (42,000 sq. ft. or 1.1 acre) of a well kept fruit orchard, with a large variety of fruit plants. The garden is very panoramic. There are views of the neighbouring Roman Castles: Montecompatri, Colonna, Tivoli, Monte Porzio, and one one side, also Rome.

(c) Terrace

(d) Balcony

Rome though can be better seen from the large terrace (70 sq. Mts., 720 sq. ft.). There is splendid view of the hills sloping down towards Rome. You have the impression that you can touch all Rome. Unfortunately in the day we snapped the photos, December, and a littlte foggy day, Rome could not seen, if not partially in its immediate outskirks. Stay tuned, we will snap the photos again as soon as possible. Photo (d) shows the balcony going around the house, and to which all the bedrooms have access.

(e) Facade of the villa

(f) Garden, with landscape and views of the neighboring hills

Photo (e) shows the facade of the villa, already shown in the page presenting the interior. Photo (f) shows a partial view of the garden, with table and bench to dine or have tea outdoors.

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