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Campo de' Fiori - Jewish quarter

The Turtles' Dream apartment

The dining room

  • Elevator
  • Air conditioning / heating in each room
  • Internet Wi-Fi high speed internet
  • Colour TV with satellite dish
  • Complete kitchen equipment
    Washing machine, clothes dryer, iron, iron board, dishwasher
  • microwave, mixer (blender), toaster, electr. scales
  • Italian coffee pots, American coffee percolator, Tea kettle

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The dining room is accessed through two open doors from the sitting room. The window faces Via dei Falegnami, like the sitting room. The walls and the roofs are in the same style of the sitting room, yet the floors are different, as they are made with old fashioned and intriguing octagonal "cotto" tiles.

The dining room

The spacious room includes a wooden table and chairs sitting 6 persons. The table can easily be set with the dishes, cutlery, mats and plates from the adjoining kitchen.

Dining room, opposite view, with glimpse also of the charming breakfast corner

Attention to detail: all services are marked with the coat of arms of the family.

As you can see in the opposite photo, the dining room on one side practically continues with the kitchen (background, left door), and finally ends with the breakfast corner, one of the many jewels of the apartment, and which is described in the page presenting the kitchen.


The dining room is adorned with a large stylish mirror, a fine old painting of an old master (or round shape), and by many built-in lamps (and also by more classical iron-wrought lamps), which all contribute to the sophisticated atmosphere of this room.

Finally, the attention to detail of the proprietors should be mentioned, which reveals their fine taste. All dishes, cups, jugs etc. have the mark with coat of arms of the patrician family.

The right door in the background leads instead to the corridor of the bedroom. It has an own door, so the sleeping quarters can be separated for comfort and privacy.

Right: the corridor along the bedrooms, from the dining room

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Campo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter TortoisesCampo de' Fiori Jewish quarter Tortoises

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