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The turtles' dream luxury apartment four bedroom three bathrooms expansive sitting room terrace rome

Navona - Campo de' Fiori

"The Turtles' Dream"

The sitting room

Elegant, bright 4 bedroom residence in historical stately palace overlooking the Turtle Fountain.
4 ample double bedroom, 3 bath, amazing frescoed sitting room w. antique coffered wooden ceiling, large dining-kitchen, terrace.
High ceilings, tasteful furniture, modern appliances, all mod cons. Inviting, cozy and cheerful apartment, accommodating 4-8 persons in real beds.

  • Elevator
  • Air conditioning / heating in each room
  • Internet Wi-Fi high speed internet
  • Colour TV with satellite dish
  • Complete kitchen equipment
    Washing machine, clothes dryer, iron, iron board, dishwasher
  • microwave, mixer (blender), toaster, electr. scales
  • Italian coffee pots, American coffee percolator, Tea kettle

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The amazing sitting room, past the entry door.

The floor is made of a particular material, called "Graniglia", fashionable in the 19th century in Italy. It is made of inclusions of various types of marbles bonded together, to render a mosaic effect. The original wooden coffered ceilings are decorated ingeniously. In each coffered frame there is a painting of a different species of bird. All around the higher part of the walls there are frescoes of peacocks, alternated with the coat of arms of the Costaguti family.

View of the sitting room from another angle

This room is endowed with two large sofas, a wooden table, a wonderful chest of drawers, and a table just past the entry door.

Opposite view of the sitting room, with glimpse of the dining room - kitchen. Notice the wonderful floor.


The coffered ceiling includes 168 frames each with a painting of a different species of birds


Wide angle photo of the ceiling, showing most of the 168 paintings of different species of birds.


The fillet, or decorated fascia stretching through the entire perimetre of the sitting room, just below the ceiling. It displays peacock couples, and also the coat of arms of the Costaguti family (three sharpened gilded stripes pointing towards three eight-pointed stars, in a blue background).

The noble owners of this property are extremely kind, hospitable and with a modern mindset. They love to share their passion for history with guests.

In the wall of the sitting room facing the windows, overlooking the street Via dei Falegnami, - top left photo - you find the coat of arms of the noble and kindest owners.
It is a composite coat of arms, as the family includes two branches (right photo). On its left side you find the Costaguti symbols (described above), in the centre you find the main symbol of the Afan de Rivera family (three horizontal green lines with a gilded background), which is the graphical representation of the Spanish slogan "Por la gracias de Dios" (By the grace of God). You also find the symbol of the Enriquez family, which merged at some stage within the dinasty (standing red lion and the two towers).
In the lower ribbon of the coat of arms you find the Latin motto of the Costaguti: "Evexit in sidera virtus", i.e. "Virtue was raised to the stars".

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