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Spanish Steps "ROME SEAGULLS"

Panoramic attic - penthouse

"ROME SEAGULLS": 360 degrees panoramic penthouse, 3 double bedrooms, ample terrace and stunning views of all Rome GENERAL PRESENTATION

Most panoramic penthouse, featuring two ample terraces with amazing 360 degree views of all Rome, two bedrooms (matrimonial and twin beds), dining room, two sparkling bathrooms (shower enclosure and Jacuzzi shower), dining room, kitchenette. Elevator. Additional annex with another double bedroom and bathroom possible, for a total occupancy of 4 or 6 persons.

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Perfect equipment: air conditioning, independent heating (both high-tech), internet Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchenette with starter food provided, colour TV set, iron and iron board; hair dryer.

Additional services: parking / Rome expert explaining you all the sights from the terrace with powerful binoculars / Rome guided tours / car service to-from airport or train station / excursions to Pompeii, Tivoli Gardens, Appian Way.

The quintessential Roman panoramic penthouse, with most hospitable owners. Careful guests please.


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- Very elegant palazzo (marble in the hallway, courteous portier);
- 6 floor (7 floor in the USA) with modern elevator until the 5th floor, then 1.5 floor to climb - help is provided carrying luggage.
- 120 square meters (app. 1,200 Sq. Ft.) plus 2 most panoramic terraces; beautiful chestnut wooden floors;
-  two double bedrooms (matrimonial, twin beds), each with bathroom (shower enclosure, and modern Jacuzzi shower);
- well equipped kitchenette, with all the cooking utensils, cutlery and dishes;
- dining room, with table and chairs, to enjoy meals;

Through very elegant stairs (only few gentle steps) you reach the two ample and highly panoramic terraces with stunning panoramic views of all Rome, and also with a table and chairs to have meals "al fresco", and deckchairs;
- the terraces are actually a roof garden, with innumerable with trees (lemon , orange, tangerine, clementines etc.), bougainvillea, flowers etc. and above all with most complete and terrific panoramic views of Rome, with the good company of the seagulls hovering over Rome's sky;

Terrace view

A section of the ample terrace of the Rome Seagulls penthouse overlooking all Rome.
The terrace has table with chairs, deck chairs enabling you to spend time outdoors.

The Spanish Steps "Rome Seagulls" is the quintessial penthouse vith 360 degree views of the most beautiful town of the world, which all Rome visitors (and Romans!) like to stay at. The penthouse is the uppermost part of a high building. Moreover, as shown and explained in the top photo, the palace and the penthouse projects from the Spanish Steps district (which is perched on a hill) into the old city centre, making it a natural observation tower into the historical centre.

Spanish Steps Rome Seagulls, another view
The table and chairs to dine out, "al fresco", between orange trees, hybiscus and bouganvillea trees.

Amazingly panoramic, bright, silent, elegant and cozy at the same time. It is also well furnished, decorated, and equipped with all mod-cons, it retains Roman character and charm, making it a lovely property.

Photo taken from the terrace. You can enjoy 360 degree incredible panoramic views of all Rome's historical centre, and beyond.

The statue with Our Lady is on top of the column of Piazza Mignanelli dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and St. Mary. You can single out the tribute of flowers which every Pope leaves every year on Dec. 8.

The dome in the forefront is of the Church San Carlo al Corso.

In the distance you can see first the imposing Palazzo di Giustizia (Rome's Superior Court), nicknamed by Romans "Palazzaccio" (Ugly Palace) as it is imposing but without the typical Italian charm.

In the distance you see St. Peter's dome by Michelangelo, and the Vatican area.

View from the penthouse terrace of all Rome

Towards North, you can see, among others, the Borghese Gardens and the Villa Medici (seat of the French Academy of Fine Arts). The obelisk is situated in the Piazza Trinita' dei Monti, where the Spanish Steps lead to. The square takes its name from the Church of the Trinita' dei Monti (Trinity of Mounts), very imposing and dominating the entire district. The main terrace is app. 50 square meters large.

Spanish Steps view from the terrace
View from the terrace of the Spanish Steps and of the Piazza Trinita' dei Monti with the famous obelisk.

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Spanish Steps Rome Seagulls

The master bedroom, seen from its entry door. It is spacious, bright, silent at all times. It has simple decor, but it is well appointed.

twin beds room

The single / twin beds room from its entry door. What appears to be a sofa is actually a real bed (with normal Italian size mattress), which has beneath another normal bed which can be rolled out. The room thus transforms into a twin bed room.

Spanish Steps Rome Seagulls penthouse kitchen corner

The penthouse is endowed with a kitchenette (above photo), and just adjacent to it, a small dining room-dinette (photo below), which is endowed also with an armchair. It will be perfect for your breakfasts, meals or even tea time indoors, when you don't want to use the terrace (or the weather doesn't allow it).

Both the kitchenette and the dinette are fully equipped with dishes, cutlery, pans, pots, American coffee percolator. They are also endowed with olive oil, vinegar, biscuits, sugar and starters in general.

The interior of the penthouse is well appointed, and one can appreciate the work and the refined taste of the owners. Every room, every corner is carefully well thought of, with taste and attention. The ceilings are very high.


Normally you can rent two bedrooms and two bathrooms, yet the penthouse actually includes also an additional beautiful, spacious and totally independent annex, right on the terrace. It hosts comfortably two persons, with own door, en-suit bathroom ( shower enclosure respectively), and with a an ample sitting room with own kitchenette. From its windows you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Rome.

The annex as mentioned is very ample.

In this photo of its interior you can see, from left to right: the ample sofa, the door leading to the bathroom, the kitchenette, the dining table and chairs sitting 6 persons, and (indistinctly) the door leading to the efficient heater / burner, and also to the water softner.



This opposite photo shows the sofa which transforms into a real double bed (with real, thich mattress), a sitting area with armchairs / chair.

The annex is also endowed with a large colour 42" colour TV, with sat. dish to watch English and international channels.

From the windows of the annex you can enjoy terrific panoramic views of all Rome.

The annex windows have anti-reflex glasses, which enable to receive sunlight and to see perfectly outside, but from the outside it is impossible to see inside.

annex sitting room area




The photo to the right shows the annex bathroom, and its Jacuzzi shower.

It was recently renovated, so the tiles, the fittings, the heating radiator, the washing machine, and also the Jacuzzi shower, are all brand new.

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annex bathroom

The following photos show instead the bathrooms of the penthouse.

master bathroom

The left photo shows the bathroom of the master bedroom.

As you can see, it was recently renovated, it is sparkling, paneled with elegant tiles, very functional and elegant.

It is endowed with a shower enclosure (not shown in the picture, we will soon snap a photo about it).

The heating radiator is ample, and as you can see it is of Northern European type, with a grid-shape enabling you to hang and dry towels or clothes.

The following photo shows the bathroom of the twin beds room.

second bathroom

Also this bathroom is sparkling and well renovated, with elegant Italian tiles.

It features especially a Jacuzzi shower, which will be relaxating after days spent sighseeing.

Notice also the ample heating radiator, enabling to hang and dry clothes and towels.

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The Rome Seagulls attic is located in Rome's iconic district, the Spanish Steps.

The right photo, taken from an enclosure of the Spanish Steps called Piazza Mignanelli, precisely at the base of a column dedicated to St. Mary, shows the palace where the penthouse is located.

As you can see the Rome Seagulls penthouse is nestled as an observation tower high above the other palaces, which enables terrific panoramic views of Rome.

Piazza Mignanelli Spanish Steps palace of the penthouse view

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Spanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terraceSpanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terraceSpanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terraceSpanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terrace