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Spanish Steps "REGINA" -
The street and the palace

Deluxe three bedroom, double sitting room, dining room, study room, 3 bathrooms, kitchen apartment with terrace and garden, balconies.

  • perfect air conditioning in each room
  • complimentary Italian cell phone
  • fast WI-Fin internet connection 24/7
  • colour TV (two sets)
  • satellite dish to watch international channels
  • Jacuzzi in master bathroom
  • washing machine-clothes dryer;
  • iron, ironing board
  • dish washer
  • indipendent heating (with customized regulation)
  • Italian Nespresso coffee machine
  • complete mid-week cleaning and change of linen and towels
  • complimentary bottles of fine Italian wines and starters (food) provided

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The street where the apartment is located, San Giacomo, is an intriguing, elegant and cozy.

It is firstly a quiet street, where ordinary motor circulation is not permitted: only the few regular and certified residents are enabled to drive and park in their garages or possibly in the street.
In addition, on one side of the street, opposite of the palace including the Regina apartment, there is a quiet school, whose students can only walk to the street. Very few people thus even walk in the street, which is therefore nestled between the Via del Corso and Via del Babuino, near the Spanish Steps, and off the beaten track of the throngs of tourists visiting the area.

In the right photo you can see the elegant palaces including the one of the Regina apartment (left side), and the school (right side), where the hosted Italian and European Union flags wave in the facade.

All the streets near the Spanish Steps have a distinct personality. The result of the above situation is that the street is charming and quiet, . The silence is broken at times by the children of the grammar school (palace to the left) in the morning. The palace of the Regina, the second on the right side of the street in the right photo, is very elegant.

We have inspected many palaces in the Spanish Steps area, but we have never found one so meticulously and elegantly renovated, and with such a mannerly feel. The hall is very ample, and it is followed by a large court, decorated with many plants in large vases. The palace includes a concierge, and selected offices.

The photos below show some details inside the palace (the palace gate was omitted for reasons of privacy, please understand).


Via San Giacomo street

Palace landings and doors

Palace stairs and landings

Notably, you find a violin maker, and the administrative offices of the Lyon Bookshop, the oldest English bookshop in Rome. Every section of the palace is equipped with elevator. The stairs, the landings, the halls, just everything is spacious, elegant, quiet, bright, prepared with utmost taste, and spotless. There are plants in large vases everywhere.

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Spanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terraceSpanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terraceSpanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terraceSpanish Steps Regina luxury three bedroom thre bathroom apartment with terrace

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