"Rome Skies" aka "Rome views":
The seagulls

The seagulls add a touch of magic to the mesmerising views, widening the sensation of space as you watch them fly about and hovering with complex trajectories.



Sometimes they appear in large flocks, squawking and singing. At night they disappear, nesting and squatting along the statues of the palace, the chimneys, and the domes of the churches. However at night they might also fly circling the domes of the churches and of the monuments, following mysterious rites.
They discovered a silent, panoramic area, far from car traffic, and they made it their home. Can you blame them?

Seagulls resting on the roof of the palazzo, with the charriot of the Vittoriale monument in the background

Sunset: the silhouette of Rome's domes and of the seagulls, nesting on the statues of the palazzo




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