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Pantheon: "Rome Skies" aka "Rome views" -

You will immediately fall in love with this unique penthouse. It is endowed with TWO (!) TERRACES, all private, with complete, breathtaking 360 degrees views of Rome. All penthouses in Rome boast to have "panoramic views", this penthouse is the one of the very few where you can really have 360 degrees views of ALL ROME'S SIGHTS!
The domes of the churches, the most important palaces, all the hills of Rome and the sights appear in their splendour. The palace itself is one of the most historical, central, characteristic in Rome. Around it you find at walking distance all the sights of the Eternal City.
The first terrace is best suited for breakfast, the second to dine out and to socialize (for its larger tables), the third is best suited for sunbathing / sightseeing.
Imagine yourself looking the sights of Rome from the penthouse, detecting them them in your map, and then walking just after to visit them. Or losing yourself in the alleys of the centre, with their picturesque and kaleidoscopic atmosphere, and one minute after looking at Rome's majestic beauty from your sitting room. This apartment is so quintessential Roman that we called it "Rome skies", yet tenants also call it "Rome Views" - rightfully! The seagulls flying about it perfectly agree!

This marvellous central penthouse is also endowed with ELEVATOR, and AIR CONDITIONING.

We dedicated several pages to this unique, marvellous penthouse. This page is the index.

The roof garden and its views (slideshow)

Once you reach the slideshow, please make sure to click all the links on top ("Views from the roof garden", "Detailed views", "The Roof Garden") and the thumbnails in the lower part to see the photos!

A page on the famous Palazzo, its courts, and about the Chiesa del Gesu' facing it
The charming sitting-dining room, with views, terrace and fireplace; the first terrace
The bright master bedroom, with its delicate pastel colours, and the master bathroom
The foyer, the kitchen, and the passage room
The seagulls flying elegantly about the palace contribute to its special charm


The cozy and charming study